Ultimate Secret Of Cat Litter You Must Know Before Buying

 Cat Litter Introduction:  

If you are a lover of cats, then probably cat litter is the first and foremost necessity in your home, other than cat food. Cat litter absorbs urine of cats and covers solid wastes while the cats use their bathroom or litter box. Cat litter is generally divided into two categories: non-clumping and clumping. Choosing the best cat litter is very important for a cat owner because it will beneficial for both cat and house member health. In this content, we will talk about the detailed information about cat litter that widely used by many homeowners all over the world. If you have wondered what can make the cat litter super-absorbent, then you have come to the right site. Here we broke down the topic of cat litter into useful information and gives you a better understanding of how to deal with your cats in a friendly way.

 Cat litter:  

Cat litter may be defined as:

” The Crushed absorbent clay or material that are used for lining the box used by the cat to eliminate waste.”

It may also be defined as:

” The absorbent material often in the form of granular and is used to line the container in which cat can easily urinate and excrete indoors”.

Cat litter is the mystic substance that can make life easier for cat owners all around the world.

 Importance of Cleaned Cat Litter:  

As more of the cat owners know that cats are very clean and hygienic animals of the world.  So, it is very important to clean the litter box daily. Keeping the litter box clean can gives the reliably clean place to use by the cat. It also prevents the problem of house soiling and makes your home environment clean and clear. Clean litter box helps to keep the cat from avoiding from urination. The litter box should be clean daily, just be removing all the solid waste and replace all urine-soaked litter. It is very important to completely change the litter box daily. If it is difficult to clean the box daily, then prepare the new one for your beloved cat. The litter tray should be disinfected daily to remove all odors with the help of detergent and hot water.

 What’s an effective cat litter for a cat?  

It is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed while considering different brands and types of cat litter available in the market. All cat litters are fit into many categories. Each has some advantages and disadvantages while comparing with others. It is very important to choose the cat litter for you and your cats.

 1) Traditional clay:  

The traditional litters are litters that just like sand and used for a long time by cat owners. Clay is good absorbent, repackaged and became available commercially. The traditional clay litters are of low cost and cheap.


  • The cat litter is cheap and of low cost.

  • The litter is usually dusty and is silica dust when inhaled
  • The litter can easily be tracked. It can stick to cat paws much easier and can get traced all around the house.
  • The traditional clay litter is usually heavy and feel just like carrying sandbag.
  • Clay litters are not environmentally friendly.
  • It needs to replace because of the limited ability to suppress odor and absorb the liquid.

 2) Silica Gel Cat Litter:  

Silica gel litter is new and called crystal litter. It is the granular form of sodium silicate that can absorb liquids so, is the best option to purchase it. The silica gel litter are made from a crystallized form of silicon dioxide. The silica gel absorbs liquids and helps to remove odors. The cat litter is used for both commercial and industrial purposes.


  • It is light in weight. There is no need for heavy and big bags to carry the litter.
  • It is usually dust free as compare to other types of litter
  • It is economical that if the small bag of litter lasts for a month, then it will be the lowest and better cost alternative.

  • The litter is not accepted by the cats. Some cats feel happy but some refuse to use it.
  • Sometimes it is messy and rolling on the floor by the cats.
  • Silica gel litters have the portion of a granules changes color as getting saturated to show that there is a need to change it.

 3) Clumping clay litter:  

Clumping clay litter is a mixture of bentonite clay and clay litter. Bentonite litter is either calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite which is usually formed from weathering of volcanic ash. The main advantage of cat litter having bentonite will absorb more volume of liquid and can expand up to 15 times its weight. After absorbing a certain amount of volume, it will form clumps that can be scooped out without disturbing the rest of the clay litter.


  • The litter is not smelly. It is so because regular scooping will remove both urine and feces. It is easier to live with this litter in close vicinity.
  • The litter is economical in nature. The small quantity of the clumping clay litter will available for a long time if the litter is removed periodically.
  • The scooping power of clay litter is effective and will remove both urine and feces clumps, without removing the rest of the litter.

  • The litter is unhealthy and dangerous for cat health. It is so because of inhaling benitoite dust is a bad idea, and your cat will inhale some of it.
  • It is dusty and heavy.
  • It is not very easy to dispose of. The only option for disposing of is garbage.
  • It can easily be tracked and stick to your cat paws easily.
  • It is not good for the environment.

 4) Granular Biodegradable cat litter:  

For pet owners who are looking for the people, planet and pet-friendly cat litters, there are many natural choices. Some of the natural cat litters are made of wheat, plant products, pine, sawdust, and paper. The litters are usually made from human and animal food byproducts as well as the products from wood processing industries. The properties of clumping usually come from the cellulose component and starch are controlled by the proteins and natural enzymes present in the litter.


  • One of the biggest advantages of this cat litter is its environmentally friendly nature.
  • The litter is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable.
  • The weight of the cat litter is smaller as compared to other traditional clay litters,
  • It is easily disposed of and composted.
  • The litter is usually long-lasting and will last double as the equivalent bag size of the clay litter.

  • It can easily be tracked and stick with the paws of your cats.
  • It is dusty in nature.
  • It will not help to eliminate odors. Daily scooping is required for controlling odor.
  • The natural odors of the litter are offensive. Some of the people usually disagreeable with the smell of corn, pine, and wheat.


The bottom line of these types of litters is that no cat litter exists in the world. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of cat litters. Some litters are inconvenient for the cat owners, on the other hand, some cat litters provide negative outcomes for the home cat. It is very important to make the sense to select the litter that is highly accepted by the cat. The clumping litter is very beneficial for the cat because the owner can isolate the portions of the litter that is smelly and scoops out easily, providing the fresh-smelling box to your cat. With non-clumping cat litter, it is impossible to scoop the litter pieces that are smelly and wet.

 What to Look While buying the cat litter?  

New cat owners have a long list of items that should buy for their cat. If you plan to bring a cute fussy cat into your house, then the following things should consider. Many times, the cats are exploring the new space in the house where they live. One of the things they are searching for is a suitable bathroom. If there is no litter box in the owner house, the cats will choose the alternative of litter boxes like a plant or some other place. It is very easy to teach your cat to use the litter box properly instead of using other spots.

Some of the things that should keep in mind while looking for the cat litter for your beloved cat.

  1.  a) Several cats:  

The number of cats should be considered while buying the best cat litter box for your cat. The good rule of thumb is that there should not be more than two cats in one box. Ideally, one box is a better option for one cat, but due to some space constraint, it is not always possible.

  1.  b) Size of litter box:   

If you have more than two cats, there will be a need for a litter box with a larger size. If you have purchased the smallest litterbox for more cats, then it will get untidy and dirty faster and require more time to clean it. It will also cause to look for the other places for urinating.

  1.  c) Space:  

The amount of space also depends on the decision of buying the best cat litter for your cat. If you have a small space for the cat, then you will purchase a small litter box instead of purchasing a big electric litter box for the cat. Litter boxes are present in different sizes. So, while purchasing the one for your cat, keep your space in mind.

  1.  d) Disposable:  

For some of the cat owners, the idea of the disposable box may be very fascinating.  The idea comes in mind when the litter box is dirty, and you must throw wastage into the dustbin. It will cost more, and you have to purchase a new one at least once a week. So, the better idea is purchasing disposal litter box, if the homeowner has the plan to have a long journey with the cat.

  1.  e) Furniture:  

One of the best options for cat litter is furniture for the cat litters. These are the attractive pieces of the furniture like the faux doll house and end table, that are fixed with a litter pan.  They make the perfect choice for those homeowners having little space and don’t want to deal with the unsightly cat litter box.

  1.  f) Odor Control:  

Always try to buy the cat litter that provides the special ingredients to control odor. Feces and urine smell are usually unpleasant so, purchase the cat litter that provides ingredients that help to control odor.

 Top Three Cat Litters:  

 1) Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter:  

Most of the cat lovers like Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter because it provides a unique formulation that combines medium grain clay with heavy granules of the precious cat classic. The result provided by the cat litter is excellent and prevent moisture or water from reaching the underside of the litter box,

providing the clumping that will not easily break down. The cat litter is perfect cat litter with super odor control feature and makes your home fresh all time.

 2) Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter:  

Dr. Elseys’ cat litter is all-natural. The litter provides the perfect solution to cat owners whose cat do not want to use their litter box. The cat litter is blended with the cat attracts herbal scent and natural herb attractant to solve the problem of your cats. It is the first litter for a cat that specifically addresses the problem of your cats. The cat litter has a multi-cat formula that is great for the training cats. It is 99% dust free and acts as superior odor control. The clumping power of the cat litter is perfect and is ideal for mechanical and sifting litter boxes.

 3) Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System:  

Purina tidy cats breeze litter system is more powerful odor control litter to keep the house clean and fresh. It is specially designed for cats to minimized messy tracking. It comes up with cat-friendly pellets that capture the solid waste on the top and letting the urine passes through the absorbent litter pads. The set includes the litter box, a bag of pellets, four litter pads and one scoop. The litter pellets are 99.9% free from dust and help to control and absorb odors for one cat up to one week