Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed

“Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed?” This is a common question each and every cat parent curiously asks. You see, this is because the Problem of Cat Spraying is actually very serious and almost every cat parent suffers from it.

A common solution that everyone gives for this Cat Spraying issue is the idea of getting the Cat Fixed.

The common notion is that Neutering or Fixing is something which is gonna stop the Cat from spraying permanently… But how true is that statement? That is something we will explore today in this article!

So buckle up ladies and gentlemen! And let’s find out whether a Cat Can Spray After Being Fixed or not! 

What Is Cat Spray

Well, before diving into the actual question of Neutered Cat Spraying, let’s first take a quick look at What Is Cat Spray!?

Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is a bad cat behavior in which the Kitty starts to sprinkle small amounts of her concentrated urine on vertical (sometimes horizontal) surfaces.

This Feline Behavior is a direct result of the possessive nature of cats. It shows that they are either feeling insecure or that they are too cautious about their surroundings and don’t want any external interference with their environment.

In simple words, the kitty basically wants to imply that SHE IS THE BOSS in the area by marking her presence with a concentrated form of her urine which is more pungent and acidic in nature!

Now, moving on, let’s discuss Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed!?

Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed

To put it in simple words… YES and No.

No because the likeliness of A Neutered or Fixed Cat Spraying is 90% less than that of an Unneutered Normal Cat. 

And Yes because even after being neutered, the Kitty can spray due to other reasons such as Fear and Insecurity.

You see, the sole reason behind 90% Cat Spray cases is the sexual activeness of Cats. Trying to convey their Sexual Openness to attract other Cats towards them is one of the biggest reasons behind Cat Spraying and Cat Marking. 

What happens is that when the Cat is on heat i.e Feeling the need of Sexual connection then she sprays around both indoors and outdoors to try and attract other cats towards them. 

Here, The Cat’s body mixes some of her sex hormones within the Cat Spray Urine so that other cats may get attracted towards them!

Neutered or Fixed Cats don’t feel this sexual urge and that’s why they are immune to this issue. They simply don’t have any reason to spray around to attract other cats!

BUT! They can still spray due to Fear & Insecurity. 

Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is not just a sexual response. It’s a Threat and Insecurity response as well.

Whenever a cat is feeling threatened or scared of something or someone, she can do Cat Spraying to ward off that assailant or to release all those stress hormones. So, if your cat is spraying on you or on any other person or animal then that is most likely because she is getting scared of you and you are doing something that is making her feel threatened. 

Moreover, if there are multiple cats in your area, then your cat is prone to feel insecure about her surroundings and can indulge in territory marking. 

Therefore, because of these 2 reasons, even a Neutered Fixed Cat can spray. Although they are not likely to indulge in spraying and marking as often as a normal cat. 

If you wanna read more about the reasons behind Cat Spraying then read this article here- Why Do Cats Spray?

Neutered Cat Spray

Now the basic difference between the cat spray marking or normal cats and Neutered Cat Spray is that-

Neutered Cat Spray is least pungent. It doesn’t stinks as much as that of a normal cat. The Marking of Neutered Cat Spray is easier to clean and has less chances of doing permanent damage to your furniture, walls and carpets.

The Urine marking of Neutered Cat Spray is less acidic in nature making it comparatively easier to wash off of sensitive surfaces without damaging them. The urine mark of Neutered Cat Spray doesn’t has as much of body fluids and hormones as that of normal cats.

The Bacterial Content of Neutered Cat Spray is very low making it less likely to cause harmful diseases to both humans and animals.

Now with that said, Let’s discuss a bit more about the Cat Spraying habit of Neutered Cats.

Neutered Male Cat Spray

Male Neutered Cats are actually more likely to spray around than Neutered Female Cats.

It’s estimated by professional veterinarians that Neutered Male Cats are 10% More likely to spray than neutered female cats. 

Also, the chances of Male Cats to still continue with their bad littering and spraying habits even after being fixed is more than that of Female Cats.

Can A Neutered Female Cat Spray

The Female Cats are the least likely to spray! It’s estimated that only 5% out of every 100 female cats still continue spraying after being neutered! 

Female Cats in general spray around only because of their sexual responses. By getting fixed, those responses get Neutered. And because of that, Neutered Female Cats are the least likely to spray after being fixed!

With all that, we hope you enjoyed today’s article on Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed! Make sure to check out more of our amazing blogs below!

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