Cat Acting Lethargic

CAT PARENTS! Are you noticing your Cat Acting Lethargic by becoming totally inactive while being super sleepy? If so, then we know how worrisome of a situation you might be in. 

Nobody likes to see their cute kitty suddenly turn into a Lethargic Cat as it can be a sign of them having some serious medical and psychological issues! 

In fact, we can totally understand how scary, problematic and confusing this situation might be for you. 

And that’s why Today in this article, we are gonna talk all about the reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic along with various Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat that you can try to help your kitty cope up with this situation.

We will also tell you exactly what Lethargic Cat Symptoms you need to watch out for while also answering some of the commonly asked questions about Lethargic Cat problem!

So, with all that said, let’s begin! 

Why Is My Cat Acting Lethargic?

Well, a Lethargic Cat is a cat who is extremely low in energy and has suddenly lost interest in each and every activity. Behaviors like Sleeping more than usual, acting scared and losing appetite are very common in a Lethargic Cat.

All this can be signs and symptoms of the cat suffering from various diseases along with being obese or infected with parasites like worms and ticks. 

Now, there are generally 6 Major Reasons behind a Cat Acting Lethargic, these are…

  1. Old Age
  2. Diseases & Flus
  3. Obesity
  4. Parasitic Infections
  5. Medicinal Side Effects
  6. Cat Depression

Let’s talk about all these reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic one by one.

Old Age

Old Age in cats starts between the age of 11-14 and at the arrival of this age, cats become very sleepy and inactive due to the loss of physical strength and cognitive abilities.

The common senses of Taste and Smell of the Cat also starts becoming weaker day by day making them less interested in food causing a total loss of appetite.

And because of all that, the kitty becomes very dull and lethargic. They start to sleep more than usual and become drowsy. 

All these things are actually very natural at the arrival of old age in a cat and you can’t really do much about it except making sure that the cat is eating well and is given enough space and time to rest.

You can try to give your cat stronger smelling foods and increase the amount of animal fats in their diet to make sure they are well nourished. Also, make sure that you are consulting your vet about your Cat Acting Lethargic due to old age and go for regular checkups. 

Now, let’s talk about the other reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

Diseases & Flus

Common diseases and cat flus can cause a lot of stress and discomfort in your cat making her very weak and dull.

Oftentimes, these diseases and Cat Flus become the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic since they weaken the immune system and disrupt the natural routine of your cat.

Here are some of the most common diseases which can turn your kitty into a Lethargic Cat…

  1. Diabetes
  2. Arthritis
  3. Feline Leukemia Virus 
  4. Anemia
  5. Rabies
  6. Cancer
  7. Asthma

Take your cat to the vet for a medical checkup immediately the moment you start detecting any of the symptoms of these diseases in your Lethargic Cat.

Moving on to the next reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic…


A cat becomes obese when the owner indulges in Over Feeding her with treats and Cat Food. If you too are doing that then this is a serious bad habit which can result in making your cat very sick in the long run while also becoming the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

An Obese Cat is 10 times more prone to catch harmful diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension and Heart Problems while also having a reduced overall life expectancy!

Being overfed and under exercised, your kitty is not only gonna become obese but is also gonna turn into a very Lethargic Cat with low energy and a dull attitude.

Now, if you wanna know how to identify obesity in your cat then it can be identified by looking at her from a top angle. If her waist area seems to be bulging out then she is most probably obese. Moreover, if you touch her rib area but can’t feel the touch of her rib cage bones, then this too is a sign of an obese cat.

Take your cat to a proper veterinary checkup to know exactly how obese she is and your vet will also recommend a proper diet schedule for helping your Lethargic Cat lose weight and become normal again.

Always remember that Obesity is a serious issue in cats and needs proper medical attention as early as possible for quick and healthy recovery. 

Now, let’s take a look at the other reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

Parasitic Infections

Parasitic Infections like flea and tick infestations can be the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

When suffering from such infestations, the Cat becomes stressed and irritable which is enough for turning your cat into a very stressed Lethargic Cat. 

Moreover, internal parasitic infections like that of Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Lungworms and Heartworms can also make your cat very stressed and sick becoming the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

Here is a list of symptoms of those common parasitic infections which can make your kitty turn into a Lethargic Cat…

  1. Weight Loss Despite of Proper Dietary Intake
  2. Anorexia
  3. Itching
  4. Redness
  5. Poor Hair Coat
  6. Skin Lesions
  7. Vomiting
  8. Diarrhea
  9. General Discomfort
  10. Appetite Loss
  11. Coughing
  12. Slow Heartbeat
  13. Increased Blood Pressure

Take your kitty to the vet immediately the moment you identify any such symptoms of parasitic infections. Early detection and treatment of such infestations is the key to curing them as quickly as possible!

Moving onto the next reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic…

Medicinal Side Effects

Medicines like Sedatives and Vaccines can cause a rare medical condition in your cat’s body in the form of a Vaccination Allergy that can turn your kitty into a Lethargic Cat very easily.

What happens in these cases is that the immune system of your cat overreacts to the antigens introduced in the body by the vaccine resulting in making your cat Hypersensitive to the vaccine administered to her. 

And when that happens, your cat can develop some worrisome symptoms like Loss of Appetite, Panting, Fever, Swelling and Weakness that can become the reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

And not just vaccines, common sedatives and medicinal shots like Buprenorphine and common Flea Treatments can also cause such a reaction in your cat’s body making her a Lethargic Cat.

Here is a list of some common vaccines that can cause a Vaccination Allergy in your kitty becoming the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic…

  1. Rabies
  2. Feline Herpes Virus
  3. Giardiasis
  4. Feline Leukemia Virus
  5. Bordetellosis

Now, keep in mind that vaccination allergy is a very rare condition and only less than 10 cats among 10,000 vaccinated show any signs of such a condition. So, never ever shy away from getting your cat vaccinated by fearing this rare medical condition as it’s only 1 in a 1,000 chance of your kitty developing hypersensitivity to any vaccine shot.

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Now, moving on to the next reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic…

Cat Depression

Now this is a very serious medical condition which is caused by Traumatic Events like Death in the family, Loss of a companion pet, severe injury or illnesses and it needs to be taken very seriously.

If not treated properly on time, this psychological condition of Depression can not only turn your kitty into a Lethargic Cat but can also be detrimental to her overall health and well being.

The symptoms of cat depression which you gotta watch out for are…

  1. Loss of Appetite
  2. Increased Vocalization
  3. Cat Becoming Too Clingy Of Their Owners
  4. Increased Hiding Behavior
  5. Aggression
  6. Cat Spraying & Cat Marking
  7. Cat Acting Stressed
  8. Cat Not Grooming

Take the cat to the vet immediately if you notice any such symptoms since this issue needs to be dealt with quickly. The vet will do a proper checkup and would recommend Antidepressants to your cat along with various other medicines in order to help her cope with this situation.

With all that said, these were the main reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic. Now, let’s take a look at the Lethargic Cat Symptoms.

Lethargic Cat Symptoms

The most common Lethargic Cat Symptoms are…

  1. Drooling
  2. Weakness
  3. Inactivity
  4. Appetite Loss
  5. Increased Hiding Behavior
  6. Fever
  7. Panting
  8. Vomiting
  9. Lack Of Energy
  10. Lack Of Thirst
  11. Drowsiness

If you see any such Lethargic Cat Symptoms, then take your cat to a vet checkup immediately since they can be signs of diseases as well.

Now, knowing these Lethargic Cat Symptoms, you will be easily able to distinguish between a Lethargic Cat and a normal Tired Cat. In the case of your cat being tired, you will notice that she will be totally fine after a while of taking rest whereas a Lethargic Cat will stay weak for more than 10-24 hours.

If you notice such things and see the Lethargic Cat Symptoms persisting for a long time, then you know you got a problem to deal with and should head straight to the vet.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat…

Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat

Here is a list of top 5 Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat which will allow you to take care of your Lethargic Cat properly at home!

  1. Rest
  2. Toys & Treats
  3. Diet Change
  4. Exercise
  5. Vet Visits

Let’s discuss these Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat one by one!

Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat: Rest

If you find your Cat Acting Lethargic then rest is probably one of the best home remedies for her.

Provide your Cat with a cozy and comfy resting spot away from the rest of the home and free from all the disturbances and sounds. Then, allow her to sleep as much as she wants!

Sleeping well will take care of 90% of the issue by allowing the cat’s body to regain the lost energy and become normal again.

You can also try to ear rub and cuddle up with the kitty to put her to a goodnight sleep while also playing some soothing music for her to sleep properly. 

So, do allow your cat to take adequate rest after a busy day as that is the very first Home Remedy For Lethargic Cats! 

Now, let’s take a look at the next remedy…

Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat: Toys & Treats

Trying to energize your Lethargic Cat up with new toys might seem to be a good idea within itself but it simply isn’t enough most of the time.  

You gotta indulge your cat into play activities by tempting her with treats that she likes along with bringing in new toys.

Always remember, It’s essential for you as a Cat Parent to take your time out to play with your kitty and make her feel special! This is one of the best Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat since it not only indulges her in fun activities but also allows you to build a better relationship with her!

Now, let’s take a look at the next home remedy that you can use in the case of your Cat Acting Lethargic.

Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat: Dietary Changes

If you have an Obese Cat then you might wanna regulate her diet and stop overfeeding her especially with human food. You should honestly consult a vet for a proper dietary plan for your obese cat to help her lose weight without health and muscle loss.

You can also try incorporating natural foods and fresh vegetables in your cat’s diet to help her become normal again. A diet change can help a Lethargic Cat a lot in regaining the lost strength.

And ya, if you think that your cat isn’t obese but weaker instead, then you can try incorporating Animal Fats like fishes and chickens in her diet to allow her body in regenerating the lost strength.

In every case, do visit a vet for a proper dietary consultancy for helping your Lethargic Cat in becoming normal again.

Now, let’s move on to discuss the next Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat…

Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat: Exercising

Exercising is hands down the best thing one can do to boost their overall Health & Fitness! And this is true for both Humans & Cats as well!

Exercising boosts metabolism and reduces the chances of getting harmful diseases while also increasing the overall life expectancy of your cat! 

So, if you have a Lethargic Cat who also happens to be obese, then you just have to try incorporating some feline exercises in her daily routine. 

Some of the best Feline Exercises for your Lethargic Cat are…

  1. Classic Laser Pointer
  2. Climbing
  3. Increased Walking
  4. Automated Toys
  5. Puzzle Feeders

Try to incorporate such things & activities in your cat’s daily life in order to reduce that obesity and re-energize your Lethargic Cat! 

Since Obesity is one of the biggest reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic, exercising is truly one of the best Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat!

Now, let’s talk about the last but certainly not the least Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat!

Vet Visit

This is extremely important since Cat Lethargy can be a sign of serious medical issues like Heart Diseases and Cancers!

If you are noticing your Cat Acting Lethargic then proper vet checkups are the best things you can do for her since those checkups will allow you to detect any harmful health condition early on and pave the way for a quick recovery!

So, do visit your vet or at least inform them of your Cat Acting Lethargic for being proactive!

Now, with all that said about the Home Remedies For Lethargic Cat, let us now move on to answer all your common questions about Lethargic Cat! Starting with…

What Does A Lethargic Cat Look Like

A Lethargic Cat looks bored, tired, sad and just inactive and uninterested in everything in their surroundings. They also show some other disease symptoms like appetite loss and vomiting.

Moreover, A Lethargic Cat also indulges herself in worrisome activities like Hiding, not grooming, Cat Spraying and Panting.

See the section of this article on Lethargic Cat Symptoms for a clearer look at the description of What Does A Lethargic Cat Look Like.

Moving on to the next question…

Lethargic Cat Not Eating

It’s very common for Lethargic Cats to lose their appetite since their body is weak and most probably infected with a disease.

You see, one of the main reasons behind your Cat Acting Lethargic are diseases like Diarrhea and Diabetes and When a cat suffers from such medical conditions, her immune system becomes weak as they keep getting sicker day by day.

This can cause a lot of stress and discomfort to your kitty resulting in the Lethargic Cat Not Eating.

We advise you to take your cat to the vet for a proper vet check up so that there’s no chance of the disease getting any severe! 

Now, let’s move on to talk about the next query about your Cat Acting Lethargic…

Lethargic Cat After Vaccination

Certain Vaccine Shots like that of Rabies and Herpes can cause a very rare condition called Vaccination Allergy which can become the reason behind your Cat Acting Lethargic.

What happens is that the Cat’s immune system starts overreacting to the antigens introduced in their body by the vaccine which results in them becoming hypersensitive to the vaccine shot turning your cat into a Lethargic Cat After Vaccination.

Read this blog here if you wanna know more about Vaccination Allergy

>>>Cat Acting Strange After Vaccination

So, with all that said and done, we hope that you enjoyed today’s article on Cat Acting Lethargic! Make sure to check out more of our awesome content below and Free Download your Cat Training E-Book!




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