Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine

So, lemme guess… Your kitty went through a terrible case of injury or post-surgery pain and the vets had to administer Buprenorphine to her… but now, you start to notice your Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine! 

Oh boy, I can totally understand the immense pressure and tension you might be feeling by seeing your cat like that! Like, I’ve had pets before and I can totally get that feeling you get when you see them getting hurt or acting in that sedated and weird behavior! 

And especially with those dilated pupils and those random bursts of Vomits, I know that things get messy and worrisome!

But RELAX my dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Because today in this article, We are gonna talk about this very topic of Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine! We will tell you everything about buprenorphine and its side effects on cats while also answering all your common questions about Why Is Your Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine!

Therefore, without wasting any more precious seconds… Let’s get going!

What Is Buprenorphine For Cats?

Well, in simple terms, Buprenorphine is a short term pain relief Sedative Medicine which is derived out of Poppy seeds. 

It basically interacts with the central nervous system of your cat and gives them an instant pain relief which can last for up to 6-8 hours! 

And you know what! As Buprenorphine is about 30 Times more potent than Morphine, it can’t be given to cats as it is! So, it’s mixed with several other diluting agents and medicines which reduce its potency and make it safe to use on cats! And because of that very reason, it is a very strict prescription drug which is only given in milligrams worth small amounts! 

However, because of being a very powerful opiate drug, Buprenorphine is a legally enforced and medically regulated drug which has many side effects on both humans and cats! And those side effects are the very reason behind your Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine!

See, What happens is that Vets tell you about these potential side effects in advance and just to provide you a little more relief, relax! Buprenorphine side effects are NOT threatening to your cat! They are completely natural and tolerable! 

But! There are a few catches to buprenorphine for cats, and they are that Buprenorphine can’t be given to old cats or to those cats with Head Traumas/Injuries! Buprenorphine is also not given to Cats which have a past history of Kidney and Liver problems. 

Vets check for all these details in advance before even considering a buprenorphine sedative shot! So, if you have gone to a good veterinarian doctor, then please relax since it is not a life or health threatening situation at all!

Now, let’s move on to discuss more about the Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rate!

Buprenorphine Cat Dose

For you, the dosage rates of Buprenorphine should NEVER go against the vet’s instructions! Always remember that vets know the best and if they say that a particular dose is perfect for your kitty in her current situation, then it’s a fact set in stone. You should never ever go against what the vets say and never give more meds than recommended to your cat.

Even though Buprenorphine Overdose is NOT life threatening, it can still cause a lot of discomfort to your cat and it should never happen. You see, as long as you are following the doctor’s instructions and obeying every small thing that the vets tell you to do. You are in a good zone!

Now, speaking in general terms about the Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rates, lemme tell you that the usual dosage amount for this drug is in the range of 0.01-0.04 mL per Kg of Bodyweight. 

Which means…

If you have a normal domestic cat with like 4-5 Kgs total body weight, then the total dosage rate for your cat will be-

0.01×4= 0.04mL


0.04×4= 0.16 mL

Therefore, through this calculation, for a normal 4 Kg body weight of a Cat, 0.04-0.16ML of buprenorphine will be more than enough!

And if you are not a math person like me, then relax, the Vets will do all the necessary calculations for you, they are experts in their field and are calculative and qualified enough to take care of your fluffball! 

And as stated before, Buprenorphine is 30 times more potent than morphine and it can’t be given as it is, so it’s mixed with diluting agents and prepared especially by the vets. So, just don’t worry and let the vets do take care of the hard work! 

Now, lemme also tell you that buprenorphine is administered to cats every 8-12 hours at least 2-3 times a day depending upon their medical conditions. So, take a chill pill, relax and let the qualified vets handle your pet kitty!

And for Now, let’s move on to discuss more about the ways of administering Buprenorphine for Cats! 

Buprenorphine For Cats- How Is the Dose Administered….?

Well, there are 3 common ways in which Vets administer Buprenorphine Dose to Cats! And these ways are…

  1. Intravenously by using The IV Injecting Process
  2. Intramuscularly by utilizing the IM Injection Methodology
  3. Orally in the form of tablets and oral drops

Vets are gonna determine which way is the best for your cat to be receiving her buprenorphine dose. They will look at every small factor affecting their health and will choose the best for your pet kitty according to her medical condition and physical comfort!

Although usually, the majority of vets recommend the oral way of administering buprenorphine for cats, in some cases they might choose between the IV and IM Methods! But you know what! Your cat is in the right hands and they are more than qualified to take care of her! 

So, don’t worry too much and always let the vets decide the best! 

Now, let’s have a chat about those Buprenorphine Cat Side Effects which are making your Cat Act Strange After Buprenorphine!

Why Is My Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine…. Buprenorphine Cat Side Effects!

Well, since Buprenorphine is a sedative poppy based drug which is literally 30 times more potent than morphine, it has its own side effects which can make your Cat Act Strange After Buprenorphine!

But rest assured since these side effects are extremely short lived and non-threatening to your cat’s life or health in any possible way, situation or scenario especially with veterinary consultancy! 

However, these side effects can make your kitty super uncomfortable and extremely stressed! And you see, the vets tell you about such side effects beforehand!

Some of these Buprenorphine Cat Side Effects Are…

  • Sedation
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation 
  • Difficulty in Urinating
  • Slower Heart Rate
  • Excessive Licking
  • Blood Pressure Drops
  • Dilated Pupils 
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Lethargy

And more… but since Buprenorphine is a strong sedative drug, these minor side effects are totally natural and extremely common.

In any case, if you think that the situation is getting out of hand, then go ahead and consult your vet! Nothing is better than good veterinary advice and checkup! 

Moving on, let’s see How Long Do Buprenorphine Side Effects Last!?

Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine: How Long Do Buprenorphine Side Effects Last?

These minor Buprenorphine Cat Side Effects can last anywhere up to 3 to about 1-2 weeks depending upon the situation and the seriousness of your cat along with the amount of buprenorphine administered with respect to all the other medical factors like health, blood pressure, heart rate etc.

But generally, rest assured since these normal minor side effects are totally natural and extremely easy to deal with. And if you think that the situation is just too much for you, then feel free to give your vet a call! I’m pretty damn sure that they will be loving to help you and your Miss Princess!

Now, let’s have a chat about how Much Buprenorphine is too much for cats…

How Much Buprenorphine Is Too Much For Cats?


Look guys, Vets are experts and they know what they are doing. They have spent their lives being trained in the art and science of medicine and they know all the intricacies of the medical case of your cat and if they have calculated and decided an amount of buprenorphine to be given to your cat, then it is the perfect amount and you should never go above or below that anytime!

Although the general amount of 0.01-0.04mL per Kg of Body weight is the common dosage rate of Buprenorphine For Cats, how much should be given to your cat is decided on the basis of her situation and condition. All those complex and delicate medical decisions should be taken by a qualified vet and you should never go above the amount recommended to you by the vet!

And always remember, in case of any trouble, head straight to the vets instead of acting doctor! It’s the life and health of your pet and it should never be taken for granted!

So, with all that said about Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine, let’s move on to the FAQ section where we answer all your common questions! 


Why Is My Buprenorphine Cat Not Eating

The fact is, that Buprenorphine is a very Powerful sedative drug with a lot of common side effects. These Minor Buprenorphine Cat Side Effects can also result in a Loss Of Appetite. 

What happens is that the kitty starts to show signs of Gastrointestinal Problems after the buprenorphine administration which leads to digestive problems such as Vomiting, Drooling, constipation and indigestion which results in an overall appetite loss in cats.

Since all these digestive problems make the cat very uncomfortable, and they simply refrain from eating for a short period of time till these issues persist. And don’t worry because all the buprenorphine side effects are minor, temporary and totally harmless!

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, make sure that your cat doesn’t eat or drink anything for at least 30 mins before and after the Buprenorphine dose. This will ensure that the medicine is well absorbed by her body and there are no gastrointestinal side effects!

Now, moving on to the next common question of “Why Is My Buprenorphine Cat Not Sleeping”

Why Is My Buprenorphine Cat Not Sleeping

Since Buprenorphine is an Opium Based sedative drug which is 30 times more potent than Morphine, it can very often induce a sense of hyperactivity in cats.

This Buprenorphine induced hyperactivity can result in your Buprenorphine Cat Not Sleeping. 

What happens is that the Narcotic Drug starts to interact with the central nervous system of your cat in order to relieve them of their post-surgery and/or Injury induced pain. And in that process, Buprenorphine can start acting in a totally opposite way which results in your Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine.

Instead of inducing a sense of sleepiness, the buprenorphine will instead end up inducing a temporary state of Insomnia which will make your cat both sleepless and restless.

In that Temporary Insomniac State, you will notice your cat doing crazy weird things like staring at walls, running all around the house, panting and even randomly scratching different surfaces. It will be almost as if your cat is “High”, which she most probably is!

But rest assured since this will last for only a short period of time and your cat will be over this “Drug Trip” completely! And don’t worry too much about your cat behaving in such a way since it’s a normal but rare Buprenorphine Cat Side Effect.

Anyways, if you notice something too worrisome, then make sure to consult your vet! They will be extremely happy to help you and your kitty in all kinds of situations since they’ve always got your back and are just one call away! 

With all that, let’s move on to answer the next frequently asked question- “Why Is My Buprenorphine Cat Hyper!?”

Why Is My Buprenorphine Cat Hyper

Well, as stated before, your cat is administered with a very strong opium based narcotic drug which is 30 times more potent than Morphine and because of that, it is very normal for cats to act hyper after getting a dose of it. in fact, hyperactivity is one of the main causes of Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine.

What happens is that  the sedative starts interacting with the central nervous system of the kitty in order to provide her with instant pain relief. And in that process, very rarely the drug ends up inducing a short term burst of hyperactivity in the cat! 

During this temporary hyperactive phase, you will find your cat acting in very crazy weird ways which will include her doing things like…

  • Panting
  • Pacing Around
  • Staring At Walls
  • Scratching Random Surfaces 
  • Sleeplessness
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling

Along with many many more weird cat behaviors! But relax since all these are normal temporary side effects which are not harmful to the overall well being of your cat in any way! Buprenorphine Cat Side effects might be strange, but they are never threatening to the overall health of the cat.

Now, if you notice anything too problematic, then contact your vet immediately for consultancy since nothing is better for your cat than an expert’s advice!

Let us now move on to the next question… “Buprenorphine Cat Dilated Pupils”

Buprenorphine Cat Dilated Pupils

Dilated Pupils is a very common buprenorphine side effect which is caused due to the narcotic and psychotic effect that the buprenorphine shot has on the Central Nervous System of your cat.

The pupils of your cat become almost twice as dilated as usual due to an effect called Mydriasis.

You see, Dilated Pupils is a very common Buprenorphine Cat Side Effect and you should not be worried about it since it’s temporary and non-threatening.

And yes, if you find that things are getting out of hand after the Buprenorphine Cat Dose, then make sure to consult the vet! Always remember that good veterinary advice is as precious as bricks of gold!

Now, let’s take a look at the next frequently asked question of “Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rate”

Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rate

Well, as stated before in this article, a normal buprenorphine cat dose rate is in between 0.01 to 0.04 mL per Kg of Bodyweight.

Which means if you own a normal domestic cat with 4 Kgs of Body Weight, the ideal Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rate will lie between the range of…

0.01×4= 0.04mL


0.04×4= 0.16mL

Therefore, as per these calculations, 0.04-0.16mL is the ideal Buprenorphine Cat Dose Rate for a normal domestic cat with 4 Kg body weight.

However, the dose rate which will be given to your cat by the vets might increase or decrease depending upon a lot of technical health factors like the current medical condition of your cat and her medical history. The vets will also monitor the cat’s blood pressure and heart rate to decide exactly what buprenorphine cat dose rate is perfect for your fluffball! 

So, don’t take too much tension and let the vets decide what’s best for your kitty! They are both qualified and dedicated to make your kitty feel better!

So, with all that said and done, we hope you enjoyed today’s article on the topic of your Cat Acting Strange After Buprenorphine! And before you leave, make sure to check out more of our awesome and informative blogs below!

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