Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment

Are you noticing that suddenly your Cat is Acting Weird After Flea Treatment? Well if so, then that might be because your kitty caught a very bad reaction to the chemicals used in the treatment. 

You see, Cats are generally very sensitive towards flea treatments and its common for them to catch Flea Medication Poisoning which can turn out to be a very problematic medical condition to handle since when that happens, cats become really stressed and agitated which can lead to them behaving in very “weird ways”. 

And these “Weird” ways of cat behavior might include things like- 

  • Excessively Drooling
  • Increased Hiding Behavior
  • Twitching
  • Trembling
  • Seizures
  • Cat Spraying & Cat marking
  • Increased Lethargy

And various other unusual Cat Activities which are enough to make innocent cat parents like us drown into an ocean of worry.

And if you are suffering from the same situation because of your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment, then RELAX! Because Today’s article is especially written for you!

We are discuss everything about Flea Medication Poisoning and explore the reasons behind such weird cat behaviors! We are also gonna tell you all the potential ways in which you can stop your Cat from Acting Weird After Flea Treatment! 

So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Why Is My Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment!?

You see, Flea Treatments and Medications have to be toxic to fleas in order for them to work. And because of that they contain some chemical ingredients which might cause some harmful allergic as well as toxic reactions to your cat. 

Since cats are sensitive to chemicals, it’s common for them to develop Flea Medication Poisoning after the Flea Treatment which can make them very sick and stressed. 

Now, there are 5 major reasons behind Flea Treatment Poisoning in cats which are…

  1. Sensitivity To Chemical Ingredients
  2. Accidental Ingestion Of The Flea Treatment Chemicals
  3. Usage Of Incorrect Type Of Flea Treatment
  4. Treatment Induced Stress & Anxiety
  5. Sensations Caused By Agitated Fleas

Let’s take a look at all these 5 major reasons behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment one by one in detail! 

Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment

Reason 1) Your Cat Is Sensitive To The Chemical Ingredients

As stated before, some cats are extremely sensitive to chemicals and because of this they might develop a very bad Allergic reaction to one or more ingredients of the Flea Treatment’s Medication.

Much like a Side Effect of the Flea medication, this Flea Treatment Poisoning can result in your cat developing various problematic symptoms which can be detrimental to their overall health. 

Some Signs and Symptoms of Flea Treatment Poisoning are-

  • Excessive Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Increased lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle Tremors 
  • Seizures

If you see any of these signs and symptoms right after the flea treatment, go and see the vet immediately. An expert medical consultation is extremely important in such scenarios since early detection of these problems can result in quick recovery!

And ya, make sure to bring the packaging of the Flea Treatment medicine or Anti-Flea Collar which you used to the vet. It will help them in understanding the issue properly.

Also, if you wanna prevent such medical scenarios then make sure to use all natural anti-flea collars and treatments from now on. 

Moving onto the next reason behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment…

Reason 2) Accidental Ingestion If The Treatment Chemicals

You see, it’s very much possible that your cat accidentally ingested some of the Chemicals by grooming themselves after you spray them down with the Anti-Flea Treatment Spray.

It takes time for the medicated chemicals to be absorbed by the cat’s skin and if your cat starts to groom herself before the chemicals have been completely absorbed, then that can result in accidental ingestion of the treatment chemicals which can result in that allergic reaction of Flea Treatment Poisoning which can be the reason behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment.

Now if you have multiple cats in your home then cross contamination can take place if both of them start licking each other right after the flea treatment. And that’s why both of them should be isolated for at least an hour so that the treatment meds get enough time to be completely absorbed into their skins.

You can also try to put on the Cat Cone Collars on your kitty after flea treatment to prevent them from grooming themselves for at least an hour.

And if you get yourself an Anti-Flea Collar then the chances of accidental ingestion will become very low but if you have multiple cats in your home then both of them might accidentally lick each other’s Anti-Flea Collars causing the Flea Treatment Chemicals to get ingested by them.

In any case, make sure to take the necessary precautions by putting on Cat Cone Collars after the treatment and Isolating the cats for at least an hour so that the medicine gets enough time to be absorbed by their skin. 

If you notice any signs and symptoms of Flea Treatment Poisoning, then take the kitty to the vets immediately and maintain your calm since it takes only 3 to 6 days for Flea Treatment poisoning In Cats to be completely cured!

Now, let’s take a look at the next reason behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment!

Reason 3) Using Incorrect Type Of Flea Treatment

Some Cat Parents accidentally make the mistake of using the Flea Treatment of Dogs on their cat! Never make this mistake because the Anti-Flea Sprays and Collars of Dogs contain a Synthetic Insecticide called Permethrin which is extremely harmful and toxic to cats!

Cats are sensitive to Permethrin and get very sick after coming in contact with that Insecticide! It also takes a long time for their bodies to break Permethrin down which can result in a very messy and long medical emergency! 

If your Cat is Acting Weird After Flea Treatment, then check the bottle or collar of the anti-flea med that you used to make sure that there was no Permethrin in it and it was only for Cats! 

If you found that the ingredients contain Permethrin then remove the Anti-Flea Collar immediately and rush to the vet! Make sure to maintain your calm and don’t panic. Just let the vets take care of your fluffball, they will do their best in treating your cat.

Now, let’s look at the next reason behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment…

Reason 4) Treatment Induced Stress

You see, cats are not very fond of travelling and going to the vets and if you have specially taken them to the clinic for getting a Flea Treatment, then their weird behavior might be because of the treatment induced anxiety and the stress of travelling. 

Cats don’t like to get out of their comfort zone and taking them to the vets is gonna cause a disruption in their daily routine which can make them stressed.

Now this is not something to be worried about since this stress can last for as long as a few hours to a few days depending on how long it takes for your cat to get back into the comfort zone of their habitat territory. 

Now, here are some signs of stress in cats-

  • Drooling
  • Cat Spraying & Cat Marking
  • Aggression
  • Increased Hiding Behavior
  • Lethargy
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Dilated Pupils

If you see any of these signs then try to comfort your cat by giving her those cute ear rubs and surprise her with their favorite treats!

In order to prevent such stressful scenarios for your kitty, we recommend you to give a phone call to your vet and ask them which Anti-Flea collar or Spot On spray treatment you should be using on your cat. Then simply buy that flea treatment medication as prescribed by your vet and treat your cat at home avoiding those clinic trips.

Overall, your cat will be fine within a short period of time! They just need to feel good and secure once again!

Let’s take a look at the next reason behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment…

Reason 5) Sensation Caused By Agitated Fleas

What happens is that the Flea Treatment Meds don’t kill off all the Fleas infested on your cat’s body immediately. It takes at least 24 hours for all the fleas to die and the medicine to work.

And during those 24 hours, a medical phenomenon called the ‘Tickle Effect’ happens on the body of your cat which results in her behaving in that weird way that you are now noticing.

Basically, when the Flea treatment starts working, all the Fleas infested on the body of your cat start to die off which makes them agitated. They then start to aggressively bite and run all over your cat’s body to find a safe place to hide from the medicine.

And when that happens, your cat becomes very uncomfortable and irritated from the sudden increase in the flea movement on their body. 

In this case, you will notice that your cat is very stressed and is running around the house scratching herself very aggressively. The kitty might also rub her body against tough surfaces to ease off the itching. 

What you can do in this situation is to just wait for 24 hours and let the anti flea medicine do its job. However, if it persists beyond 24 hours, then consult the vets immediately.

So, here were the main reasons behind your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment! Let us now discuss how to stop your cat from acting weird after flea treatment!

How To Stop Your Cat From Acting Weird After Flea Treatment…?

Well, the best thing you can do in the case of your Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment is to take her to the vet for a proper medical consultancy. 

Always remember that there is nothing better for you and your cat in situations of medical emergencies than a proper Veterinary Checkup. And you see, early detection and treatment of problems like Flea Treatment Poisoning can lead to a quick and full recovery of your cat without any trouble! 

Now, some other common ways and methods of Stopping Your Cat From Acting Weird Are…

  • Activated Charcoal 

Sometimes, the vet might give your cat some activated charcoal to eat so that all the ingested flea treatment chemicals get eliminated from their system without causing any troublesome infections!

  • Bathing With Detergent 

In most cases, vets recommend cat parents to bathe their kitties using mild liquid dish soap detergent to provide relaxation to the skin cells of their kitties. If your vet also recommends you to do that, then go ahead! 

  • Prescribed Medicine

Vets can also give Intravenous Fluids to your kitty which will be injected either in between the shoulder blades of the cat or into their fatty skin layer to help in the case of Flea Treatment Poisoning. These prescribed injections will keep the symptoms at bay and help the immune system of your squishball to fight with the poisoning! 

With all that, we hope that you enjoyed today’s article on Cat Acting Weird After Flea Treatment!

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