Cat Marking All Over The House

While We all Love Cats and being Cat Parents, we still dread the commonly occurring instances of Cat Markings! Because you know, they are smelly, they are ugly and they are a mess which we have to struggle in cleaning up! 

BUT what’s even more worrisome is the risk of all the diseases that one can get due to the harmful bacteria in the Cat Spray Marking!

And if your Cat Is Marking All Over The House, then that is a huge problem as it can not only damage your Walls, Carpets and Furniture, but also put both you and your cat in severe health risk!

That’s why you gotta pay very close attention to Today’s article because in this article, we are gonna DECODE the puzzle of Cat Markings and give you all the surefire solutions that YOU NEED for turning your Home into a No Cat Marking Zone!

We are gonna take a deep dive and analyze everything from What Is Cat Marking to What Does Cat Marking Look Like. We will understand Whats The Difference Between Cat Marking and Cat Peeing and we will also provide you with all the tactics and strategies you need for Getting Rid Of Cat Marking Smells! 

And not just that! We will also give you the #1 PERMANENT SOLUTION to all your Cat Marking Problems which will allow you to prevent cat markings by effectively training your cat to stop them once and for all for good!

So! Fasten your seatbelts my fellow Cat Parents and let’s Jump Right In!

What Is Cat Marking

Coming to this first question and keeping it short and sweet, lemme tell yall that Cat Marking or Cat Spraying is a common Bad Feline Cat Behavior which prompts the kitty to lift her tail up, squeeze her body and spray small amounts of her concentrated urine on vertical (sometimes horizontal) surfaces in order to assert her dominance and mark her presence. 

This Urine Marking however, is different from Normal Cat pee in many ways. We will talk about the differences between Cat Marking and Cat Peeing later on in this article. 

Right now, lemme tell you guys that Cat Marking is a common bad habit of all the cats where all they wanna do is to mark their presence in an area for asserting their dominance over it. They are basically using that Cat Urine Marking to claim their ownership and ward off other animals from their property.

Sometimes, cats also indulge in the behavior of Cat Marking due to excessive stress, fear and Sexual activeness. What happens is that, especially in female cats, when they are on Heat i.e wanting to Mate with another cat to breed, they tend to spray out their body hormones in the open in the form of a Cat Spray Marking so that the smell of their hormones reach other cats and they get attracted towards them. 

Now there are plenty more reasons of why cats spray, you can check some of them here in this article- Why Is My Cat Marking

Moving on, let’s discuss…

What Does Cat Marking Look Like

Do you come across those smelly ugly looking dark patches on your walls and around your furniture and carpets? 

Well ya, that’s what Cat Marking Looks Like! They are sprinkles of acidic urine out on vertical and horizontal surfaces which dries up into dark brown ugly smelly patches which make the life of a cat parent a living hell!

It is very very essential to identify them and clean them up and when they are fresh, they look like yellow sprinkles of cat urine but when they dry up, they become even more stinky and ugly looking that you just can’t bear looking at them and wanna get rid of them asap!

For more reference, this is kinda sorta what Cat Markings Look Like…

Now, let’s discuss the difference between Cat Marking and Cat Peeing!

Cat Marking Territory Vs Peeing : Is My Cat Marking Or Peeing

Well the very basic difference is the motive and way of littering. A normal cat pee is simply done without the motive of asserting dominance over an area and it’s just a result of untrained cat behavior but Cat Marking is done specifically for letting everyone know that Miss Whiskers is the Lady Of The House!

Moreover, the smell of Cat Spray Marking is wayyy more pungent than that of a normal Cat Pee because the Cat Marking Urine is more acidic in nature. 

You see, normal cat pee is just urine, but Cat Marking is urine mixed with other body fluids and hormones making it more acidic, toxic and bacterial while being extremely long lasting and way more pungent than normal cat pee.

Now, if you wanna understand…

Is My Cat Marking Or Peeing? 

You gotta check the way she litters. If she is simply urinating in random areas like carpets and stuff then it’s just normal cat pee BUT if she lifts her tail up and squeezes her body tightly to forcefully sprinkle tiny amounts of marking liquids out on vertical surfaces like walls, doors and furniture, then yup, that’s Cat Marking.

Here’s an illustration to help you understand the body language of the kitty during Normal Cat Pee and Cat Marking!

Now let’s understand Why your cat is marking all over the house!

Cat Marking All Over The House

Man, we can understand your dilemma. Cat Marking All Over The House is something that no Cat Parent wants happening because not only is the mess it creates is too much to handle, but it’s extremely bad for health as well! 

Having a well knit and maintained house is something everyone desires and strives for but it gets so stressful when your cat goes on the mission of turning the house into a big giant cat litter box by Cat Marking everyone from the Sofa Sets to the Doors and Walls!

In order to relieve you from the pain, let’s understand Why Is Your Cat Marking In The House!?

Why Is My Cat Marking In The House

Here is a list of all the possible reasons behind why your Cat Is Marking In The House….

  • Your Cat Is Insecure

Insecurity can lead to Cat Markings and many times, it is the sole reason behind the Cat Marking Issue! 

What happens is that if there are multiple cats in your home or if you have stray cats walking all around the house then that can prompt your cat to indulge in cat marking because the movement of all the cats in and around “her territory” can make her feel insecure and possessive of her property therefore giving her the perfect motive of doing Cat Markings!

  • The Kitty Is Feeling Stressed…

Stress is a very big factor in Cat Markings because you see, Spraying out those urine and body fluids also acts like a stress relief mechanism for cats! 

And that stress can usually happen if there are sudden environmental changes around the cat like moving things here and there very often and even shifting off to a totally different place.

Sometimes, changing the look and feel of the play room of the kitty can make her feel a lot of stress too since cats are creatures of habits! 

Now, if you ask how to identify if your cat is feeling stressed and how to calm her down.. then you gotta check this Cat Language Guide out! Watch The Video Below!

Understanding the body language of cats and knowing exactly what they are feeling and trying to tell can help you in calming down your cat and also to stop the habit of cat spraying and cat marking once and for all! Check out the Cat Language Guide Below!

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Moving on to the next reason…

  • Your Cat Is Feeling Scared and Threatened

Fear and threat can result in cats marking and spraying all around the house because Cat Markings help kitties in both stress relief and in warding off the ‘predators’.

If your cat is spraying on you or on any other animal or person then that is most probably because she is feeling scared and threatened by that person or animal.

Now if you wanna learn more about what can make cats feel scared and threatened then you can check out this article here- *Reasons Behind Cat Spraying: What Makes Cats Feel Scared*

Also, we honestly recommend checking out the Cat Language Guide Below!

Click Here To Learn Cat Language Guide

Moving on, if you wanna understand more about all the reasons Why Your Cat Is Marking All Over The House, then check out this article here- Why Do Cats Spray

Now, let’s discuss how to Get Rid Of Cat Marking Smell!

How To Get Rid Of Cat Marking Smell

There are many ways in which you can get rid of Cat Spray and Cat Marking Smells easily. One of the most common and easiest ways is by using Vinegar and Water!

You know if there is one thing that we keep saying on this website again and again, then it’s the fact that VINEGAR IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Because not only it neutralizes cat marking smells completely but it also kills 90% of the disease causing bacteria as well!

Cheaper than 90% of your chemical based cat marking cleaners, Vinegar is always available in every household and is never going to harm you or your kitty in any way! 

Now what you wanna do is take one part vinegar and one part water and mix it up in a sprinkler bottle! Keep a simple 1:1 ratio and mix the vinegar up with water to form a homemade good quality DIY Cat Spray Cleaner!

After that, simply sprinkle that Vinegar Water Solution on the Cat Spraying Marking and let it rest for like 10 seconds and then wipe it out with a clean paper towel or a sponge. And that’s it! Job done! 

The Vinegar will get rid of all that toxic Cat Marking Smell and Take Care of that ugly Cat Spray marking too! And ya, you can use any kind of vinegar you want be it apple cider or white vinegar! Just go to the supermarket and get yourself the cheapest one and that’s more than enough to tackle all your cat marking problems!

Now, let’s discuss How To Stop A Cat From Marking! 

Prevent Cat Marking

Well well well, now this is the main topic of the conversation because you can clean up cat markings all you want but the key is to Prevent Cat Markings so that you don’t have to face the troubles of Cleaning things up again and again! 

And if you wanna prevent cats from marking, then you gotta understand what they are saying and train them to stop this bad habit once and for all. 

In order to do that, you gotta use the TTS Method which utilizes the basic senses of Taste Touch and Smell to train kitties at home in a fun way to get rid of the Cat Marking Habit once and for all within 7 days!

Here, watch this video to understand!

Now, let’s move on to the FAQ Section and answer all the common questions of our dear ole Cat Parents! 


Why Is My Cat Marking Everything

If your cat is literally Marking Everything in the house then that may be because she is either feeling overly possessive or too insecure about her surroundings and belongings. 

You should try to understand what she is saying by taking a look at her body language.

If you don’t know how to understand the body language of a Cat, then check out this Cat Language Guide Below!

Not only will this guide help you in understanding Why Your Cat Is Marking Everything, but it will also help you in building a better and healthier relationship with your kitty! Make sure to watch the video and check it out below!

Click Here To Learn Cat Language

Moving on to the next question….

How To Stop Cat Marking Territory

In order to stop your cat from marking her territory you have to understand why she is doing it.

If she is doing it out of fear then you can simply try to take out the thing which is scaring her or just give her some treats for calming her down. 

Overall, this topic of Stopping Cat Marking is too big and beyond the scope of this article, so we have Cat Spray Stop! The #1 Guide To Permanently Stop Cat Markings and Cat Sprayings!

Brought to you by expert veterinarians who are experts in their fields, Cat Spray Stop is the #1 Surefire solution to all your Cat Spraying Problems which allows you to train your cat within 7 days easily at the comfort of your home in a fun way by using the Revolutionary TTS Method which uses the basic senses of Taste, Touch and Smell of your cat to tame her into giving up the bad habit of Cat Marking once and for all! 

Excited and Interested in learning more? Click the button below to check it out! 

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Now, let’s move onto the next question! 

Why Is My Cat Marking My Bed

Well the main reason behind that might be that Your Cat Loves You!

Cats are very fond of their owners and wanna be in their presence for a very long period of time while acting all sassy the way cats behave. Kitties can take up the smell of the human body and follow it around and try to claim their ownership on everything that smells of their owners. So that can be a reason behind why your cat is spraying on your bed!

She simply loves the smell of you on the bed and wants it all for herself and that’s why she is marking on it claiming her ownership saying that “This Bed Is Mine Now!” 

If you wanna prevent the cat from marking on your bed and wanna get your bedsheets cleaned, then click here for the complete cleaning guide How To Clean Cat Spray

Moving on…

Why Is My Female Cat Marking Her Territory

There are 2 main reasons behind why Female Cats Mark Their Territory. These reasons are…

  • A) Your Cat Is On Heat

The rise of Sexual stimulus and hormones within the female cats can give birth to a very strong desire for mating which can in turn motivate them into indulging in Cat Markings.

What happens is that your cat is gonna mix her body fluids and sex hormones within her urine and do the Cat Marking around the entrances and exits of your home so that she might attract other cats in the vicinity towards her for establishing sexual contact.

This is a common feline behavior which can be dealt with easily by either consulting a vet for mating of your kitty or by Neutering her. 

  • B) The Cat Is Feeling Insecure

Insecurity is a big issue among female cats, they are 45.6% more likely to feel insecure about their belongings and surroundings than male cats and because of that, if there are other cats in or around your house then that alone can trigger the possessive attitude of your cat and end up making her feel insecure. This insecurity can lead to Cat Markings all around the house in no time. 

You might have to ward off stray cats around your house to prevent this from happening. 

Now, let’s move onto the next FAQ…

Why Is My Cat Marking All Of A Sudden

If your cat is marking all of a sudden the it might be because of these reasons

  • 1 )Sudden Change In Surroundings

Cats are creatures of habit and they don’t like their surrounding environment to be changed. A sudden change in their normal living environment can make them feel very very stressed and that can directly lead to cat sprays. 

Changing the look and feel of their room by moving things here and there or shifting to a new place can trigger this.

  • 2) New Cat in Home or Stray Cats

Having more than one cat in or around the house can lead to your cat feeling insecure about her surroundings and belongings. This can lead to her spraying around to mark her territory in order to assert her dominance over an area in no time. 

If you have more than one cat or if there are many stray cats around your area, then this might be the reason behind the Sudden Cat Markings of your fluffball.

  • 3) Guests

While we humans love Guests, Cats Don’t. Especially when the guests try to catch, hold, forcefully cuddle or belly rub your cat!

All this can make your cat feel threatened and can lead to scratching, biting and even Cat Marking since the kitty will feel stressed and threatened.

So, make sure that your guests are maintaining a safe distance with your cat and are not being overly loving towards her as Cats don’t like that. 

  • 4) Need Of Mating

If your cat is on heat and is feeling the need of mating, then she can mark and spray around the entrances and exits of your home so that she can attract other cats towards them for establishing sexual contact.

This behavior is more common in female cats and can be prevented by consulting a vet for mating or by neutering the kitty. 

So, we hope that you enjoyed today’s article on Cat Marking All Over The House! 

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