Cat Marking Territory

How To Permanently Stop Cat Markings Even If You’ve Tried Everything!

So, lemme guess… You are a cat parent who is just fed up with those Spray Marks of your Cat who is Marking her Territory all over your house making you totally mad while Miss Whiskers just sits there and chills as she watches her hooman clean her mess up! 

Well, we can understand your situation and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The problem of Cat Marking Territory is not new and almost every cat owner suffers from this issue. In fact, this issue is so dire that it’s estimated that Average American Cat Parents spend almost $30,652.67 EVERY YEAR on cleaning equipment, Services and home renovations JUST BECAUSE OF THIS CAT MARKING ISSUE! 

And cleaning these Cat Markings or Cat Sprays isn’t even the real issue! The main issue is the recurring bad cat behavior of spraying everywhere and anywhere! And god the embarrassment that comes along with it in case the guests come home! All of this makes Cat Markings and Cat Spraying a BIG ISSUE! 

Cat Marking Territory

But worry not my lovely cat parents and readers! Because today in this article, we are on a journey to totally EXPOSE this problem of Cat Markings and Spraying out in the open telling you exactly what they are, why they happen, which cats are more likely to mark and most importantly… HOW TO PERMANENTLY STOP CAT MARKINGS FOR GOOD! 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

What Is Cat Marking 

Cat Markings or Cat Spraying is a Bad Cat Behavior in which the kitty lifts her tail up and sprays tiny amounts of her urine (and sometimes poop) out on vertical surfaces making them dirty and stinky!

This sprayed urine however, is different from normal cat pee since this is a Urine Mark which is highly acidic in nature and has a more pungent smell than the normal pee. It’s smell also lasts longer and it’s way more difficult to clean.

It’s also said that Cat Markings or Cat Spraying is also a way of stress relief for your cat but when it comes to the actual reasons then there can be multiple reasons as to why your cat is showing this behavior. One of the most common reasons as to why your cat is doing it is for asserting dominance or Cat Marking her Territory. 

So, Let’s talk more about why cats mark or spray around the house!

Why Is Your Cat Marking Her Territory 

Now, among a lot of reasons as to why cats spray and mark around the house, there are 4 major reasons which are…

  1. Claiming Ownership

You see, if you have more than one cat or if there are multiple cats walking around your house then that can make your kitty feel insecure about her property and place which can then lead to this issue of Cat marking. 

What will happen is that your cat will do the Urine Markings to claim her ownership of your house and firmly establish her presence. The smell of the Cat Marking will send the message to all the other cats that she is the boss here and that this is her territory. 

It’s the cat’s way of asserting dominance and establishing her authoritative presence around the area and you can find such marks near the entrances and exits of your house and also near the favorite rooms and furniture of your cat!

  1. Way of Stress Relief

If your cat is in a situation where she is feeling a lot of stress and fear, then she is more likely to do the Cat Markings because doing that will relieve her of all the stress hormones that are building up in her mind.

If you ask what can make cats stressful then it can be things such as changes in her surroundings, another cat in or around the house, belly rubs, being picked up, long travels etc.

Now in this case, it’s absolutely crucial to look for the body language signs of a stressed cat, you can Click Here To Learn More About Cat Language

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Moving on…

  1. Threat Response 

If you or someone else accidentally does something that makes your kitty feel threatened or scared then he/she is more likely to do the Cat Spraying or Cat Marking. 

What happens is that it triggers their fight or flight response where they decide to flee by spraying or marking on their opponent!

In these cases, they can spray their markings on you or the other cats they are threatened with! And this can get real messy and ugly real quick, that’s why knowing the body language of your cat for understanding how she is feeling all the time is so crucial!

  1. Sexual Appeal

This one is common with female cats who are searching for a mate. In this, your cat is basically spraying her hormones out to let other male cats in or around the vicinity know about their sexual openess and the need of mating.

This is more or less a seasonal behavior and markings of such cat sprays can be found near the entrances and exits of the house. 

Now, moving on, let’s discuss which cats are most likely to mark!

Which Cats Are More Likely To Mark…

Male Cat Marking

Male cats can mark but they are not very likely to do so, at least not very frequently. The Male Cat Spray Marking is not very pungent but still stinky and ugly. Main reason behind these cat markings is asserting dominance and claiming territory. 

Female Cat Marking

The female cats are most likely to mark and the Female Cat Marking smell is the most pungent and stinky. Main reason behind female cats marking is sexual appeal, asserting dominance and stress relief. 


Neutered Cat Marking

Now the cats which are Neutered are the least likely to even try marking or spraying! The cases of Neutered Cat Marking are extremely rare and the smell of such cat markings are not even pungent, they are the least stinky and are just ugly looking, pretty easy to clean too due to their less acidic nature! The main reason behind Neutered Cat Marking is the threat response. 

Now, it’s time to give you the permanent solution to all your cat marking problems!

No Matter What I Do Cat Marking On Everything! 

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