Cat Eating Less But Acting Normal

You know what, Eating habits of your cat directly indicate how they are feeling and as good Cat Parents, it’s our responsibility to take a close look at each and every habit of our kitties to make sure that they are feeling their best at all times. Now, if you find your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal, then there might be something to worry about and this behavior surely is enough to strike a lotta us with sheer terror, anxiety and panic!

But RELAX my dear readers because Today at, we are gonna help you in understanding exactly why your Cat is Not Eating Much But Acting Normal! 

We are gonna analyze each and every reason behind this behavior and tell you everything about how you can get your cat back into that healthy eating habit they used to have!

So make sure to give this entire article a read and let’s jump in!

Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating Much But Acting Normal

If you suddenly notice that your cat is losing her appetite and her willingness to eat, then there can be a number of reasons behind such a behavior. 

And the fact is that these Reasons can be very silly and they can be very serious as well so we advise you to give a careful read to the following information because here are the Major Reasons why your Cat Is Not Eating Much But Acting Normal…

  1. Change In Cat Food
  2. Cat Getting Old
  3. Motion Sickness
  4. Cat Feeling Stressed
  5. Cat Depression
  6. Other Medical Problems

Let’s discuss them one by one in detail…

  •  Change in Cat Food

Cats are creatures of Habit who tend to be very choosy about what they wanna eat and when they wanna eat. Sometimes, this can be the reason behind your Cat Not Eating But Acting Normal! 

Because you see some cats are just picky in nature and tend to like Dry Cat Food while others seem to be more fond of Wet Cat Food. 

Most of the time, if you have changed the diet schedule of your cat or brought Cat Food of another brand, then that can be the reason behind this behavior. 

Cats are very frickly of their meals and mealtimes so try to keep them consistent and revert to the old cat food brand which your cat used to like! That should do the trick!

If it doesn’t, then there might be another reason behind your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal!

Moving on, let’s talk about other reasons behind this cat behavior….

  • Your Cat Is Getting Old

Old Age in Cats starts between the age of 11-14 and in this time period, Cats become very weak and dull which can affect their appetite a lot. Because you see, old cats are very less interested in food and treats than younger cats since their taste senses become severely affected due to their old age. 

The senses of smell also become weak and that can result in them not getting the same delicious smell of the cat food like they used to get. 

A solution of this can be to get strong smelling cat foods and to heat wet cat food up a little. Heating wet cat food a little bit can increase its smell and help your elderly cat to detect that food smell.

But in the end, we would recommend going to the vet for a proper health checkup and consultancy nonetheless. 

Moving on to the next reason behind your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal…

  • Motion Sickness

Cats just HATE Travelling and are very prone to Motion Sickness which can result in a Loss Of Appetite!

This loss of Appetite might also be followed by additional issues like that of Cat Vomiting or Cat Spraying since being Motion Sick makes cats very stressed and their stomach very upset.

Having such an upset stomach can make them vomit around here and there and refuse to eat. This loss of appetite and refusal to eat can last anywhere between a few days to a week and it’s most likely not anything to worry much about.

So, if you have gone for a road trip with your kitty or have shifted off to a completely new place then this behavior is totally natural and your cat would be adjusted in a few days.

Let’s look at the next reason behind your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal…

  • Stress

If your cat is suffering from a lot of Stress or Anxiety, then that can result in appetite loss and their refusal to eat.

There are many things which can increase the stress levels in a cat and if these things are around her, then the chances are that your cat is extremely stressed and needs a lot of pampering!

And if you notice things like increased hiding behavior, the cat being more lethargic, tense body language and a sudden increase in Cat Spray cases, then this also shows that your kitty is under a lot of stress.

Now, Some of the things which can increase stress levels in a cat are-

  1. Loud Noises
  2. Travelling
  3. Strangers and Other Animals in the House
  4. Stray Cats Infiltrating their Territory
  5. Routine Changes
  6. Using Different Cat Food

Make sure to keep an eye out for them! Also, learning the cat language can help you in understanding what your cat is feeling at all times by simply looking at their body language! And if you want the easiest most effective guide towards learning Cat Language, them check out this video below-

Moving onto the next reason behind your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal…

  • Cat Depression 

Depression is a problem which is not just common with humans but within cats as well. In fact it is said that 1 out of every 10 cats suffers from Cat Depression. This can also result in appetite loss and refusal to eat.

Traumatic events like Death in Family, Loss of a Companion Pet, Severe Injury and certain illnesses can cause depression within cats and if your cat is depressed then you  are likely to notice that your cat is becoming more clingy of you and is becoming more sleepy and lethargic. You might also notice increased aggression and excessive scratching within your cat along with other destructive behaviors. 

A sudden increase in Cat Spraying and the cat suddenly stopping Self Grooming can also be some common signs of Cat Depression.

If you notice any of these signs within your kitty then take her to the vet immediately since it can get very serious.

Moving on…

  • Other Medical Problems

Here is a list of other common Medical Problems which can result in your Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal…

  1. Dental Issues
  2. Upset Stomach
  3. Injury Pain
  4. Indigestion
  5. Kidney problems
  6. Pancreatitis

In all these cases, we recommend going to the vet asap to avoid anything serious. Now, let’s discuss What Should You Do To Get Your Cat To Eat!

What Should You Do To Get Your Cat To Eat

Now we hope that you enjoyed today’s article on Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal! Now, here are some things which you can do to make your cat eat once again!

  • Get New Cat Food

Getting a new pack of cat food or reverting to the old one can make the cat eat once again. Some cats are fond of Wet Cat Food and others love Dry Cat food, try giving your cat both of them to see which one she loves!

  • Reduce Anxiety

Pampering your scared cat and giving her treats and new toys can help in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Getting rid of loud noises and maintaining a healthy distance with your cat can help in stress reduction. All this can make your cat start eating once again.

  • Learn Cat Language

Learning Cat Language is something which can help you in understanding what your cat is feeling and trying to tell you easily by just looking at her body language! This understanding can help you in building a better relationship with your kitty while being able to provide her with the best care! Click on the button below to download your Cat Language Guide!

  • Consult A Vet

If the issues persist and you find that your cat might be having some other medical problems like dental issues or pancreatitis, then consult a vet immediately. Nothing is better than a proper vet checkup.

Now, we hope that you found value in today’s article on Cat Not Eating Much But Acting Normal! Before you leave, make sure to check out more of our awesome blogs below!

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