Cat Not Peeing

Are you stressed about your Cat Not Peeing and noticed a sudden change in her behavior. Well if this is the case then lemme tell you that the situation can get really really serious. 

If your cat is not peeing then this can be a sign of Urinary Blockage and Infection in the urethra. This can’t be ignored or taken lightly since this issue can even prove itself to be fatal to your cat’s health!

Now we understand that in such tense situations it’s easy to panic and become stressed, and that’s why in today’s article we are gonna discuss all about this Urinal Issue of Cat Not Peeing and tell you all about the possible causes and preventive measures! 

So, Relax and give this article a close read and let’s begin!

Why is Your Cat Not Peeing?

This sudden issue of your Cat Not Peeing can be directly because of the problem of Urinary Blockage which is a serious medical emergency caused due to the blockage of the Urinary Tract by toxic material like clumps of mucus and Tumors.

The Sudden blockage of Urinal Fluids results in an increase of toxins within your Cat’s body which can lead to fatal outcomes if not treated on time!

Urinal Blockage Primarily affects Male Cats due to Longer and Narrower Urethra and if you notice your cat not peeing for more than 24 hours, then you need to visit the vet immediately.

What Causes Urinary Blockage?

Here is a list of things which cause Blockage in the Cat’s Urinary Tract…

  1. Stones or Crystals formed in the Urinary Tract
  2. Clumps of Mucus
  3. Swelling and Spasms due to injury
  4. Bacterial Infection which causes irritation in the Urethra
  5. Tumors

All these can result in a blockage in Urinal Fluids which can be the reason behind your Cat Not Peeing.

How Long Can a Cat Live With A Urinary Blockage?

Honestly speaking… 3 to 6 Days! This is a very dangerous medical emergency because the toxins within your cat’s body are increasing every second making her entire body filled with poisonous substances!

Therefore, if you notice your Cat Not Peeing for more than 24 hours, then go and see a vet immediately!

How Do I Know If My Cat Has A Urinary Blockage?

You can get to know about this dangerous Urinary Issue if you notice that your cat is going in and out of the litter box very frequently while also straining it. 

Passing small amounts of urine outside the box, Crying and Licking the Genital areas can also indicate urinary blockage. Sudden vomits and appetite loss can also be signs of urinary blockage.

Overall, if you notice your Cat Not Peeing for more than 24 hours then go and see the vet immediately as it can be a very dangerous life threatening emergency.

How To Prevent Cat Not Peeing – Prevention of Urinary Blockage

Now this is one of the most important parts of this article because it tells you what you can do to prevent this dire situation.

Always remember that prevention is always better than cure and when it comes to Urinary issues like this one, there are 3 main preventative ways which are-

  1. Hydration 
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress Reduction

Let’s Talk about each of them in detail…

  • Hydration

Making the Cat Drink as much water as possible can prevent the blockage of the urinary tract by making sure all the toxins are being drained out properly by the cat’s body. It also ensures that no Urine Crystals and stones are being formed. 

Cats should drink at least 4 ounces of Water per 5 pounds of their body weight and if you find out that your cat is not drinking enough water then there are several ways in which you can make your cat drink more water.

Some of these ways are by using bigger and wider bowls and by placing ice cubes in the water bowl for the cat to play with. Providing a stream of running water can also ensure that your cat drinks well!

  • Nutrition

Giving proper nutrition to your cat while making sure that she eats healthy foods can significantly prevent any chance of not just urinary problems but also of other cat health issues like pancreatitis and indigestion.

If your cat has had a history of past urinary problems then make sure to stick with the prescription diet given to you by the vet. 

In general, you wanna make sure that you buy good quality cat food from a reputed brand and what you can also do is choose wet cat food over the dry one as the wet canned cat foods have more water content in it which helps in digestion and prevention of urinary problems.

  • Stress Reduction

Stress and Anxiety can cause a lot of serious health issues in cats and for us cat parents, taking good care of the cat means making sure that she is feeling her best at all times. 

We can make sure that our cat is in a stress free environment by keeping a check at things which cause stress in cats. These Stress Causing things are-

  1. Loud Noises
  2. Travelling
  3. Strangers and Other Animals Making them feel insecure 
  4. Stray Cats infiltrating their Territory
  5. Routine Changes

Make sure that none of these things are going on and keep a close look at the body language of your kitty. Look for the signs of stress which are increased hiding behavior, cat acting more lethargic than usual, tense body language and sudden bursts of random aggression. 

Noticing that your cat is biting and scratching more often than usual can also be a sign of cat stress.

You can ensure stress reduction by making sure no loud voice is irritating your cat and by providing consistency in her living environments. You can also give your cat new toys to play with while avoiding all the things that irritate and annoy her. 

At the end of the day, cats just need love. And if you notice that your Cat Not Peeing for more than 24 hours, then go to the vet immediately! it can be a very big medical emergency!

So, at the end, we hope that nothing is serious and your cat gets well soon! Hope you enjoyed our article on Cat Not Peeing! Stay tuned for more awesome content and check out more of our blogs below!

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