How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside

Let’s face it! The biggest problem that us cat parents face… is THE ISSUE OF CAT SPRAYS! And God the ugly unpleasant smell that comes along with it! The smell alone is enough to give you a headache while totally ruining your day and your reputation in front of your guests!

And man if the kitty has done the cat spray outside, then the trouble increases TENFOLD since a cat spray mark right outside your home can act as a beacon signaling other stray cats to pee and poop right on the same exact spot! 

Now, I know that the idea of multiple cats coming to your home for pooping isn’t something that you want happening in real life and that’s why you’re searching for a solution! And lemme tell you that the best solution to avoid such a dire scenario is taking quick action of cleaning the Cat Spray markings which are lying outside of your house! 


In order to help you in doing so, we bring you the easiest 4 step formula of cleaning cat sprays from your garden! Also, Make sure to stick till the end because at the end of this article we are gonna tell you the #1 Surefire way of permanently stopping Cat Sprays for good within just 7 days in the most fun and interesting way possible! And trust me, it’s gonna BLOW. YOUR. MIND! 

So, without any more talking, Let’s dive right in!

What is Cat Spray

Before we take a look at the cleaning methods, let’s first take a moment to understand what Cat Spray is!

In simple language, Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is a Primitive Feline Habit of kitties where they mark their presence and dominance by literally spraying small amounts of their urine on vertical (sometimes horizontal) surfaces like Walls, Trees, Furniture and Doors.

This Urine Marking is also different from normal cat pee since it’s actually a more concentrated form of normal urine mixed with their hormones, this makes Cat Spray Mark more stinky and long lasting than normal Cat Litter. 

And just like normal litter, it too is a pain in the head to clean and if your kitty develops a habit of it, then you are in for a troublesome ride… but don’t worry! Because here at we discuss all about these Cat Behavior Problems and focus on giving YOU the solutions you need for being a good cat parent! 

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Now, let’s take a look at a Simple 4 Step method of getting rid of cat spray outside!

How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside  

As annoying as this problem of Cat Spray might be, cleaning it is surely a challenge of a whole another level! But relax! Because Cleaning Cat Spray outside in the garden is actually way easier than cleaning the cat spray marks within your home!

Getting Rid Of Cat Spray outside can be divided into 4 basic steps-

  • 1. Identify Where The Smell Is Coming From

Now this is the only difficult part of the entire 4 step process since finding the Cat Spray Mark in between all the grass can be quite tricky but if you just follow the smell and take a look around the favorite hangout spots of your fluffball, like her favorite tree or bush, then you will be able to find the Cat Spray Mark relatively easy!

  • 2. Hose It Down!

Once you find the dreaded Cat Spray Mark where that stinky smell is coming from… THE FUN BEGINS! Because now you gotta take that watering hose and simply wash the entire thing down so that the entire area is properly cleansed and the liquids of the Cat Spray urine gets diluted with water greatly reducing that unwanted smell! 

This step is important because using the hose will ensure that the majority of the urine smells are gone for good! However, a simple hose down is not enough, you have 2 more steps to do!

  • 3. Vinegar Is Your Best Friend

Vinegar is HANDS DOWN The best thing you need in all kinds of cat spray cleaning situations because it not only neutralizes the smell completely but it also kills 90% of the disease causing bacteria and germs that are present within the cat spray mark!

Usually, we tell you to mix soap water with vinegar in equal proportions to make a surefire homemade cat spray cleaner BUT in this specific case, you don’t need to mix Vinegar with soap water!

You simply have to take a few milliliters of Vinegar and pour or sprinkle it over the Cat Spray mark after 10-15 mins of the Hose Down and job done! The Vinegar will Permanently neutralize all the remaining smell and give you instant relief!

Now your job is pretty much done, you can leave the mark as it is but just for extra cleanliness and safety, you gotta follow the next step which is to…

  • 4. Use Mulch Or Sand 

Simply take a handful of Sand or Mulch and put it on the cat spray mark! This will lock in all the remaining smell within the soil and help you in protecting the environment.

What This will also do is to give off a minor scent signal to your cat which will make her come at the same spot again and again for peeing and pooping. This is a good thing since now you will know exactly where the cat will poop and now you won’t have to go around searching where the cat has littered! This way, you created a natural litter box for your kitty and saved your precious yard from all the mess!

Equipped with this simple 4 step method, we are sure that you will be able to Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside for good!

Now, it’s time to tell you the only permanent solution of Cat Sprays in the market!

Permanent Solution To The Cat Spray Problem…

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So that’s it for today’s article on How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside! Now before you leave, Make sure to check out more awesome bonuses and FREE DOWNLOAD Your Cat Training E-book Below!



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