How Long Does Cat Spray Smell Last

CAT PARENTS! Are you sick and tired of that dreaded Cat Spray Smell and wondering for how long it will keep stinking like that!? And do you wanna get a permanent solution for all your Cat Spraying and Marking problems so that your kitty starts behaving well and you get relieved from all these Cat Litter cleaning duties…

If so, then RELAX AND FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS! Because today at we are gonna tell you everything you need to know about Cat Sprays like How Long Does Cat Spray Smell Last and what are the best ways to clean it!

And not just that! We will also tell you the #1 PERMANENT SOLUTION Of All Your Cat Spraying and Cat Marking problems which will allow you to train your kitty within just 7 days at home without the need of spending hundreds of bucks on cat trainers! 

So, buckle up for this info filled joyride towards the end of all your cat spraying problems! Let’s Begin!

What is Cat Spray

Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is the feline Cat Habit of sprinkling small amounts of their urine on vertical (sometimes horizontal) surfaces.

The problem of Cat Spraying and Marking is very different than the common issues of cat litter because In these cases of Cat Spraying or Cat Marking, You will find that your cat is gonna lift her tail up in the air and squeeze her body to sprinkle a small amount of her cat pee out on surfaces like doors, walls, furniture and other stuff. 

This sprinkling of urine like this is the main difference between Cat Spraying and normal cat litter. 

Also, the urine which the cats spray is way more stinky and acidic in nature than normal cat pee since it’s a more acidic form of their urine made specifically to be more pungent, stinky and long lasting.

Now if you ask why do cats spray, then the answer is because of their Primitive habit of Marking their territory under the influence of the need to establish dominance. There are many more reasons behind this bad cat behavior of cat spraying and if you wanna know more about why do cats spray, then click here to read this article- TOP Reasons Behind Why Do Cats Spray? 

Now let’s take a look at the time duration of how long does cat spray smell last…

How Long Does Cat Spray Smell Last

Well, lemme tell that the answer is gonna shock some of you because the fact is that the odor or smell of Cat Spray can literally last for YEARS if not forever!

This is because the smell of Cat Spray is one of the most persistent smells imaginable on the planet and the main objective of such sprays is to mark the territory of the cat so that every other creature gets to know that they are the boss and it’s their territory.

Cat Spray urine is a concentrated form of Cat Pee which is way more pungent and acidic in nature, it can make you life a living hell if you don’t clean it off quickly and that’s why being quick and being regular in cleaning such cat spray markings is so important.

What’s more important is understanding why your cat is doing it and training her to stop doing it! You can do that easily by understanding exactly what your cat is trying to tell you through her body language! Click to see the video below to understand what Cat Language is and how you can use it to stop cat spray issues! 

Now, let’s move on to discuss the best ways of dealing with cat spray smells!

Best Ways To Deal With Cat Spray Smell

Here is the list of some common household items that you can use to get rid of cat sprays! These items are super cheap and always accessible to everyone and the best part is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on those expensive cleaners if you use them properly! 

  • 1. Vinegar

The #1 Item on our list is VINEGAR! It’s hands down, the best household item that you can use to get rid of that dreaded cat spray smell since its chemical properties completely neutralize that stinky smell of cat spray marks! 

Vinegar also breaks down the disease causing infectious bacteria and provides you instant relief from the marking odor. It’s also super cheap and accessible to everyone all around the world! So, get yourself a bottle of vinegar yall! It’s gonna be of great help to you! 

  • 2. Baking Soda

Now Baking Soda is especially good to use in cases of Cat Spray on Carpets and other clothing since it locks the cat spray odor and allows you to clean the carpets properly without damaging the fabric condition. It’s Extremely useful and super cheap as well!

  • 3. Vinegar Soap Solution

Now this one is gonna help you in cleaning off those ugly Cat Spray marks on the walls. Simply mix equal amounts of vinegar and soap water together and there you go! It’s the best alternative to those expensive wall cleaners and you can use them without any worry! And ya, both White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar can work, use whatever is accessible to you! 

  • 4. Wet Towel

Using a wet towel to gently clean off fresh cat spray marks will remove majority of cat spray smell. Always Remember That, speed is everything while cleaning Cat Spray. If you are quick, then cleaning cat spray markings isn’t gonna be a problem for you!

And equipped with these tools, especially the vinegar soap solution, you will be able to clean the markings very easily! 

Now, if you wanna learn more about cleaning cat sprays and the do’s and don’ts of cleaning them, then Click Here To Read This Article-  Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Cat Spray

Hope you enjoyed today’s article on How Long Does Cat Spray Smell Last! 

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