How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up one morning feeling all boosted up excited for the day BUT! Holy Shit you come across that ugly stinky Cat Spray Marking on the wall and wonder what in the kitty piss is that! Then you panic on how to get it cleaned up and search “How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls” only to end up on a blog like this one?!

Well if so, Then RELAX my dear Cat Parents because your troubles are over! Because today we give you the #1 method of Cleaning Cat Spray Off Walls! It’s a simple 4 step process which is gonna make your walls free from those Cat Spray Markings!

And you know what, after knowing this, you won’t ever have to search for How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls ever again because this is a reliable and surefire solution!

So, without any further ado, LET’S DIVE RIGHT IN!

What Is Cat Spray

Before going in on the methods, let’s briefly discuss What Is Cat Spray!

Well, Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is a bad Feline habit of cats which makes them spray small amounts of their urine on horizontal surfaces like walls and doors for asserting their dominance over a particular area. 

What actually happens is that your kitty lifts her tail up and squeezes her body to spray out a concentrated more pungent and stinky form of their urine out on the walls and other surfaces for claiming their ownership and marking their presence in that area expressing that they are the BOSS!

This urine mark though, is totally different from normal cat piss because it’s more acidic in nature while being more pungent, stinky and long lasting! 

And if you ask why do cats spray, well then there can be numerous reasons like Dominative Behavior, Insecurity, Threat Response and even the need of Sexual Connection with other cats! If you wanna know more about Cat Spray and its reasons then Click Here To Know All The Reasons Behind Cat Sprays!

Now moving on, Let’s see What Does Cat Spray Look Like On Walls!

What Does Cat Spray Look Like On Walls

If you notice a Dark Patch of partially or fully dried out Urine on your Wall which is Stinking like a litter box and is looking as ugly as a mug stain. Then that is your dreaded Cat Spray On Wall!

You will notice slight Discoloration on the wall paint and it would look as if someone sprayed a small amount of muddy water on your wall with a water gun to mess around with you.

The color of the Cat Spray Patch on Wall will either be Dark Yellow or Dark Brown depending upon the urine’s concentration and the dirt & bacteria deposits on the Cat Spray Marking

It’s also said that the exposure of the Cat Spray Mark with direct sunlight can also affect its color and ugliness.

So anyways, the cat spray marking will kinda sorta look like this picture over here…


So, moving on, let’s now discuss the simple 4 step formula of How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls!

How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls 

Sit back, relax and just follow these 4 easy steps Of Cleaning Cat Spray Off Walls!

  • Step 1) Take Water & Vinegar

If there’s one thing that we keep saying over and over again on this Website.. then it’s the fact that VINEGAR IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Not only its cheap, affordable and readily available everywhere on the planet, but it’s also extremely useful in getting that pungent smell of Cat Spray Off Walls while also removing the ugly marking and killing off 99.86% of the disease causing bacteria! 

Vinegar is also totally harmless to both humans and kitties so it’s safe to use as well!

And that is why what you have to do right now is Mix Water with Vinegar in equal parts, a 1:1 Ratio. Once you mix vinegar and water and get the Homemade Cat Spray Cleaning Solution ready, it’s time to…

  • Step 2) Sprinkle It up!

Fill a Sprinkler Bottle with that Water & Vinegar solution and spray it all over that Cat Spray marking!

If you don’t have a Sprinkler bottle then it’s okay! You can pour it over the Cat Spray Marking on the wall. But we do recommend getting a Sprinkler Bottle since it’s easy to use and it helps you to save yourself from wasting the cleaning liquids. Also, Sprinkler bottles cost a few bucks and can be bought from any nearby store so, do get your hands on it, we recommend it!

Anyways, once you sprinkle the cleaning liquid, you will notice that the Cat Spray marking is slowly getting washed off and now it’s time to move on to the next step which is…

  • Step 3) Let’s blot!

Blotting! Take a paper towel or a clean sponge and simply blot the entire marking up!

The Vinegar Water Solution will do its job! It will neutralize all the toxic Cat Spray Smell while cleaning your wall off that stinky ugly marking patch! Then the sponge or paper towel will absorb all the residue making your wall as clean as new!

After that the only thing left to do is…

  • Step 4) Rinse & Repeat!

Rinsing and repeating! If you wanna be extra careful with the cleaning, then repeat the first 3 steps until you are totally satisfied! And I bet that you will be totally satisfied with the results of the very first wash!

So! That’s it for today and we hope that you enjoyed today’s article on How To Clean Cat Spray Off Walls! 

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