How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood

Are you tired of your kitty spraying around on each and every corner of your house including that wooden furniture which is so precious to you?! 

If so, then keep on reading this article because Today at we are gonna tell you the #1 Super Simple Step By Step process of cleaning Cat Spray Off Wood! 

Knowing this, you will be able to keep those expensive wooden furniture pieces completely free from all kinds of Cat Spray Markings and stains! 


And after reading this article, I assure you that you won’t ask “How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood” ever again! Because THESE ARE THE SIMPLEST SOLUTIONS YALL HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is Cat Spray

Before we jump in to tell you that surefire solution lets first discuss What Is Cat Spray! 

In simple and short terms, Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is the Primitive Feline Cat Habit of spraying small amounts of urine on vertical (sometimes horizontal surfaces) to mark their presence and dominance over their area.

You see, Cats can sometimes be very insecure and protective of their property and that can lead to them being very mean and stressed.

So in order to give themselves a sense of security and stress relief, kitties can indulge themselves in this bad cat behavior of marking around on various surfaces like doors, carpets, walls and even furniture! 

Now, there are many reasons which can lead to such a bad cat behavior of Cat Spraying and Cat Marking, we are not gonna discuss those reasons here in this article because it has already been discussed in another article we published earlier! Here is the link to it if you wanna give it a read- Click Here To Know All The Major Reasons Behind Cat Spray!

Right now, let’s just move on to discuss the main topic of this article which is… How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood!

How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood 

Here are not just 1 but 3 amazing and simple to follow methods which you can use To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood easily!

1. Using Baking Soda & Vinegar 

In this method, we are simply gonna use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the whole mess up! It’s one of my favorite methods since it’s kind of the quickest and to be honest, it’s the safest as well since there’s no chance of any damage to the wooden furniture! 

Here are the steps!

  • Step 1) Make A Paste! 

Take a small amount of Baking Soda and mix it up with Vinegar to make a paste! You can take white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, anything you can get your hands on! 

What you have to do is, simply make a paste which is not too runny and then…

  • Step 2) Brush It Up!

Take a toothbrush or a soft scrubber and put the baking soda vinegar paste on the Cat Spray Marking. Don’t rub it too hard, be gentle and let it rest there for 2-4 hours!

  • Step 3) Clean It Up!

Now what you have to do is to take a wet piece of cloth and wipe the baking soda vinegar solution off the wooden furniture. And VOILA! You will find that your dreaded cat spray marking is gone and there is no smell or dirt of any sort! And ya, if by chance you think that a little bit of smell or marking is still there, then simply repeat the process and you are good to go!

This method is my personal favorite since it’s easy and cool! There’s very few things you have to do on your part and the Cat Spray is Off Wood! 

Moving on to the next method…

2. Using Vinegar & Water

You know what, in each and every case of Cat Marking and Cat Spraying, using Vinegar is gonna be of astronomical help to you because if there is one thing on the planet which can get rid of all kinds of bad odor… then its vinegar!

Not only will vinegar allow you To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood, but it will also kill 90% of the disease-causing bacteria which can harm you and your family!

 So, let’s discuss how to use Vinegar and Water To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood! 

  • Step 1) Sprinkle Vinegar On The Cat Marking

Take a sprinkler bottle and fill it up with vinegar, you can use any kind of vinegar you get your hands on be it Apple Cider or White Vinegar. Then simply Sprinkle the Vinegar on the Cat Spray Marking! You have to literally Soak the cat marking spot with vinegar. Let it rest for 10-20 seconds and then…

  • Step 2) Sprinkle Water On The Cat Marking

Take another sprinkler bottle and fill it up with water. Repeat the same thing you did with the vinegar! Sprinkle the water on the cat spray marking and literally soak the whole thing up!

  • Step 3) Blot It Up!

Now, the final step is to take a piece of paper towel or sponge and blot the whole thing up! Just clean the cat spray marking spot and job done! The mixture of Vinegar and Water will get rid of the marking making your wooden furniture as clean as new!

Moving on to the next method of How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood…

3. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Now this one is my least favorite but since it gets the job done, I put it in the list! I still don’t recommend using this method and prefer the above 2 methods instead because this method is actually quite risky as Hydrogen Peroxide can potentially harm or discolor your wooden furniture or doors. 

Anyways, here are the steps! 

  • Step 1) Take Hydrogen Peroxide 

You gotta take 3% Hydrogen Peroxide since it’s the best for cleaning purposes. Anything below 3% is not worth using and anything above 3% Hydrogen concentration can work if the solution is not too strong. Ideally, choose 3-10% Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. 

  • Step 2) Take a small piece of cloth

Now what you wanna do is take a small piece of cloth or sponge and dampen it up with hydrogen peroxide solution. 

What you can do is first take a piece of paper towel and clean the surface of the wooden item with it so that all the still-wet cat spray urine gets out of the way.

 After that, place the hydrogen peroxide cloth on the spray mark. 

  • Step 3) Cover It Up! 

Now in this part, you have to take something like a cling wrap and cover the Hydrogen Cloth with it. You have to literally tape the cloth on the furniture the way you would nurse a wound. And ya, DON’T USE TAPE! Because it’s sticky nature can make it difficult for you to remove it afterwards. Use a Cling Wrap or another piece of cloth instead.

Let it rest for a few hours or overnight.

  • Step 4) Remove The Cover Gently and Bloat

After that overnight or a few hour stay, gently remove the wrapping and take out the cloth. You will find that all the cat spray marking has vanished from the wooden furniture and the hydrogen cloth absorbed all the dirt and dust! Now the only thing left to do is to blot the marking spot gently with a cloth or sponge to make sure all the cat marking urine is gone! And that’s it! Job done! 

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed today’s article on How To Clean Cat Spray Off Wood! Before you depart, make sure to check out more of our awesome blogs below!

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