How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch

Holy Shit! Is your cat peeing and spraying on your precious couch?! To be honest, I can totally understand why you are googling “How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch”!

You see, A couch is an essential living room item which often acts as a status symbol and a 1st impression in front of the guests. Due to this, it’s very very crucial to keep it clean and well maintained!

But when our Dear Ole Miss Cutiepie takes matters into her own hands and starts to do Cat Sprays and Cat Markings on that same precious couch… then the situation starts getting serious!

And that’s exactly why having a simple surefire easy to follow method of Getting Cat Spray Out Of Couch is so important! 

But Relax my dear Cat Parents! Because today we are gonna tell you exactly How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch! 

Let’s Begin!

What Is Cat Spray

Before we dive into the simple method of how to get cat spray out of couch, let’s discuss what is cat spray?!

In simple words, Cat Spraying or Cat Marking is a Bad feline habit of cats which prompts them to lift their tail up and sprinkle tiny amounts of their urine on vertical and horizontal surfaces! 

This however is very different from normal cat littering because the sprinkled urine is way more acidic in nature and way more pungent in terms of smell. It also lasts longer than normal cat pee and its markings look uglier as well.

Cat Spraying is usually the result of dominant behavior. Your cat is basically claiming her territory and marking her presence implying that “THIS COUCH BELONGS TO MISS WHISKERS ALONE!”

However, there are many more reasons so as to why your cat is doing such markings, if you wanna know more then Click Here For The Full Blog On Why Do Cats Spray

Moving on, let’s discuss that method of How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch!

How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch

Here is the Simple 3 Step Formula of getting Cat Spray Out Of Couch! 

  • Step 1) Take Vinegar & Water

I say this all the time here on, VINEGAR IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! 

Because you see, when it comes to cleaning those stinky and harmful Cat Spray Enzymes, there’s no better solution than Vinegar as its chemical properties allow you to get rid of both the germs and the odor easily at the same time!

What you wanna do in this first step is to take any kind of vinegar you can get your hands on, be it apple cider or white one and mix it with water in a 7:3 ratio!

There should be 70% vinegar and only 30% water in the solution. 

After that…

  • Step 2) Soak It Up!

Sprinkle or pour that Vinegar-Water solution on the cat spray marking of the couch.

You literally have to soak the entire marking up, just pour the solution and let it rest for like 10-20 seconds. After that…

  • Step 3) Lets Blot!

Take a piece of paper towel or sponge and then start blotting the entire marking area up. You have to gently press the paper towel or sponge on the marking spot and VOILA! You will notice that the cat spray odor is going away along with that ugly marking!

Blot till the marking is dry and job done! The cat spray is finally out of the couch for good! If in case you feel that some odor or marking spot is still there, then just repeat the process one more time and you are good to go!

So, we hope that by now you got your answer to the question of “How To Get Cat Spray Out Of Couch”! 

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