What Is Cat Spray

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And not only that…

We will also tell you the main reasons behind Why Does A Cat Spray and give you simple easy to follow steps that you can use to Get Rid Of Cat Spray Markings & Smell from your home, furniture and Carpets without going to carpet cleaners or buying expensive cleaning liquids! 

So, make sure to check all that out and stick till the end for all the goodies! Now without further ado, LET’S BEGIN! 

What Is Cat Spray 

You see, Cats are Feline animals and they have this primitive habit of Marking their territory, imposing dominance and showing their sexual openness to other cats.

And in order to do all that, they have several different behavioral patterns and among them, the most stinky, messy and dreaded behavior is the habit of Cat Spray…

Basically, Cat Spray is the habit of Cats Marking their territory with a concentrated, more acidic and stronger smelling form of their urine so that they can impose their authority and dominance over that particular piece of land and show all the other animals who’s the boss!

This same action of Cat Spray can also be used by your kitty to show their sexual openess to other cats and it can also be a natural response to threats.

So, Your cat can also Spray around if he/she feels threatened or scared by anything or anyone in particular, be it a human, another animal, or even a household item like Mr Vacuum Monster, I mean Mr Vacuum Cleaner! 

So you see, that is basically what Cat Spray is, it’s a Bad Cat Behaviour which is usually triggered by threats, insecurity, possessiveness, sexual openness and even anger sometimes. 

And you know what, if you have more than one cat or if there are a lot of stray cats around your house, then you might notice that your cat is spraying more and more often. This is because your Miss Cutiepie is trying to tell the other kittos that the house belongs to her and they better keep out! or she is just sexually attracted towards them and want their attention or she might be feeling threatened by their presence. 

Emotional bonding and understanding what your cat is trying to tell you and being able to know what your cat is feeling is important in these cases because then you can take care of all the needs and desires of your kitty! But the question is, How to understand what your cat is feeling? How to know what your cutiepie is trying to tell you!? And the answer is in CAT LANGUAGE! 

You see, Cats have this distinct body language and communicative patterns which can be easily understood by us humans! 

In fact, cats are one of the most intelligent pet animals on this PLANET and a Breakthrough Japanese Study shows that they can understand human emotions as well! 

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So, moving ahead, let’s talk about…

What Does Cat Spray Look Like

Cat Spray looks like a small deposit of stinky urine on vertical surfaces. What will happen is that your cat will lift up her butt, straighten her tail in upward direction and shoot a spray of urine on vertical surfaces like Walls and doors. Sometimes, they will also spray on horizontal surfaces like carpets.

Note that sometimes cats can also defecate small amounts of poop while shooting their Cat Spray at their targeted wall or carpet.

This act of Cat Spray however, is different than inappropriate peeing and littering coz in that case, you will notice that the kitty is sitting and peeing in a seemingly relaxed posture but in the case of Cat Spray, they will be in a much more upright, erect and not-so-calm posture since they are literally “Spraying” their pee out to mark their territory or respond to threats or sex appeals.

A spraying Cat looks like this…

Image Copyright: TheSprucePets.com

And if you ask that What Does Cat Spray Look Like On walls then…

What Does Cat Spray Look Like On Walls

If you take a closer look, you will notice a dark patch of urine on your wall which might be dried out by the time you discover it but it will be stinky and ugly looking nonetheless.

Cat Spray On Wall looks as if someone sprinkled a small amount of dirty water on your wall with a water gun. 

You will notice slight discoloration of your wall and a strong pungent smell of urine. The color of the Cat Spray on the wall might either be Dark Yellow or Dark Brown depending upon the color and dirt deposits on the wall and the spray patch’s exposure to sunlight. 

Cat Spray on Walls looks similar to these images…

Now, let’s discuss What Color Is Cat Spray…

What Color Is Cat Spray

As stated before, the color of the cat spray will either be Dark Yellow or Dark Brown depending upon the amounts of cat body fluids dissolved in it and the acidic nature of the spray. The dirt deposits on the sprayed surface is also a deciding factor of the color of the Cat Spray since dirt mixes with urine and gives off more darker tones.

Exposure of the surface to the sunlight is also the deciding factor of the Cat Spray’s color and so is the time passed since your Fluffball did the sinister deed. 

Generally, the color of a fresh cat spray is Yellow and that of a dried cat spray patch is brownish in nature.

They all look ugly nonetheless! But you know what’s uglier? The smell! Let’s now talk about that dreaded Cat Spray Smell…

Cat Spray Smell

Now this is the worst and ugliest part of a Cat Spray because not only is the smell of a Cat Spray unbearable as hell, but it also gives off some serious negative vibes to everyone who lives in the house! 

And if you get sudden guests or if your neighbors come to visit by surprise, then the smell of cat sprays can be an instant turnoff for them…

And since a Cat Spray acts like a territory mark, the smell of a Cat Spray too is more pungent and longer lasting than normal pee and due to this reason, it can be the most difficult thing to clean and can cost you hundreds of dollars on Carpet Cleaning, Room Fresheners and Cleaning liquids! 

So, in order to help you get rid of this dreaded smell of Cat Sprays and potentially save you your hard earned money, let’s discuss Cat Spray Smells and the tricks of getting rid of them in detail!

What Does Cat Spray Smell Like

Are you getting that strong pungent cat piss smell which makes you feel like you took a whiff outta the most dirty cat litter in the whole world…!!! 

Ya, that’s your dreaded cat spray smell, that’s exactly how cat spray smells like! They have a very very strong pungent toxic odor which feels like the smell of a public toilet!

And Since Cat Spray is a concentrated more acidic form of cat pee, you can expect it to last way longer and stink way more than normal pee as well. And that’s actually quite natural too because one of the main reasons behind Cat Spray is Marking and imposing dominance over a territory and letting other cats know about it.

Due to this very reason, it becomes a costly problem for us Cat Parents! But don’t worry my dear kitty lovers, because now we are gonna discuss the solutions to this stinky problem!

How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell

So, if your house is filled with the toxic cat spray odor then here are the few easy steps which you can use to get rid of it! Best part is that you don’t need the expensive enzyme cleaners which you might be hearing other people scream about! Because all you need is VINEGAR! And a bit of soap!

Here are the steps on How To Clean Cat Spray!

1. Identify the Source of The Cat Spray Smell! 

This might seem obvious but sometimes Cat Parents find themselves in a situation where they just can’t identify where the smell is coming from! Is it the carpet or somewhere else?! Well, relax my dears, you don’t need to search the entire home since you are most likely to find a Cat Spray Mark in these places

a. rooms in which your cat usually hangs out in

Miss Whiskers is more likely to spray around in her Favorite hangout spots as she wants to impose her dominance over that territory. This can also be the place at which she usually takes a nap in.

b. Entrances and Exits of your home

If your cat feels that there are other animals in her vicinity, then she can feel insecure or threatened by them and therefore, she is likely to spray around the entrances and exits of the house so that other cats or animals can get the idea that this home belongs to her 

c. On or around her favorite toys 

Cats can spray on their belongings to impose  their authority and ownership over it. If they love to play with a toy like a teddy bear or a doll then she can be a bit possessive and spray on it. This is more likely to happen if you have more than one cat!

d. In or around the Play Area

If you have a place in your house which is filled with cat toys which acts like a heavenly Cat Playground, then your cat might spray in or near that area too because she wants to impose her authority over that territory.

Check on these places and you might find your dreaded spray mark, the source of your stinky sufferings…

If the mark is fresh, then congratulations, it’s much easier to clean, if not then you might be up for an uphill battle. Moving on…

2 Mix Vinegar in Soap Water

Take equal amounts of Vinegar and mix it with soap water in 1:1 proportion. 

The Soap Water will neutralize the stain and disease causing bacterias in the cat spray mark and remove the dirt too while the Vinegar acts like a natural stink remover.

Being very pungent in smell in itself, Vinegar is renowned to be a natural stink remover which can help you in getting rid of your Cat Spray Mark 

3 Take A Paper Napkin or a Sponge and wipe the Cat Spray Mark

Now this step is essential if your cat spray mark is still fresh, you wanna take the sponge or paper napkin and wipe it on the mark so that the napkin or sponge absorbs all the spray urine which is still liquid in nature. 

The reason why you wanna be quick with Cat Spray cases is that if you get rid of the spray urine while it’s still fresh, then you will have an easy time since 90% of the job is done! Now you just throw the sponge or napkin away and rinse that area with the Vinegar Soap Liquid we made earlier! 

In case the cat spray mark that you found is now dried out, then you might still wanna wipe it with a napkin or sponge because doing that will help you in getting rid of the additional dirt that might have stuck on the spray mark. 

After that…

4. Sprinkle The Vinegar Soap Solution on the Cat Spray Mark 

Take a sprinkler bottle and sprinkle a healthy amount of Vinegar and Soap Solution on the Cat Spray mark. 

Doing this will take care of the pungent smell and the dried out urine mark and help you in cleaning the house! 

If the Cat Spray is on clothing or toy then the same Vinegar Soap Solution will help you in cleaning it too! 


5. Take A Scrubber and Start scrubbing

Oh boy, here comes the hard part! You gotta scrub the fluffity fluffs outta that Cat Spray Marking! 

Doing this will ensure that the vinegar soap solution does its job well! And ya, how much you gotta scrub depends upon how stubborn the marking and smell is.

6. Rinse With Water

After all the scrubbing and wiping, finally rinse the spot with water and then wipe it with a dry cloth or sponge and Voila! You have successfully gotten rid of that cat spray marking and its pungent unbearable smell! Cat Spray Eliminator, achievement unlocked!

Using these steps, you will be able to get rid of all the spray markings and smells from your home! And if you still need more help with the odor stuff then you can try some room fresheners or scented candles, although the smell will be gone but the extra positive fragrance is good nonetheless!


Now, let’s talk about getting Cat spray smell out of Carpet! 

How To Get Cat Spray Smell Out Of Carpet

Well, since it may cost you hundreds of dollars on Carpet Cleaning, you might wanna use this simple home remedy to clean the cat spray markings from your Carpets! 

Here are the simple easy to follow steps!

  1. Take A Cold Wet Towel 

Simply take a towel or napkin and soak it in Cold Water, remember, the colder the water, the better it is!

  1. Blot The Carpet, DON’T RUB! Be Gentle!

Blot the Carpet Marking spot with that cold wet cloth and absorb as much of cat spray urine with it as possible, REMEMBER, DON’T RUB THE SPOT! Rubbing with the wet cloth will make things worse, you just wanna gently blot the marking spot with Cold Wet Cloth to absorb the Cat Spray Marking.

  1. Vinegar Soap Solution Is Your Best Friend!

Take the Vinegar and Soap Water Solution and pour it over the Marking spot, this solution will help you get over the bacteria and stink causing germs. Simply pour the vinegar and soap solution on the carpet and let it sit there for 3-5 minutes! You can either use Apple Cider Vinegar or White vinegar to make this solution, simply mix it in equal proportions with Soap Water and you are good to go! 

  1. Blot Again! Remember To Use A Different Cold Wet towel!

Use another Cold Wet Towel or Cloth to blot the marking spot after 3-5 mins of letting the Vinegar Soap Solution do its job. Remember, coldness of the water is important and be gentle, don’t rub the spot!

  1. It’s Baking Soda Time!

Finally, sprinkle baking soda on the marking spot and your stain is forever gone along with the smell! Baking Soda will further aid the neutralization of the stink causing bacteria, you just have to let it sit there for an hour or two and then simply vacuum it up! 

Now, following these steps, you are good to go! The carpets will be as fresh as new and you are good to go! And remember to use some scented candles or room fresheners for additional fragrance!

Now, if you are asking “What to do if the cat spray smell is coming from outside!” Then don’t worry my dear Cat Parents, because we have just the solution! 

How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside

If you too are suffering from the problem of your cuddly kitty spraying around in your yard or garden and making it smell like a litter box… then don’t worry my dear Cat Parents, we can totally understand you and in fact, we have just the solution for you!

In order to Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell Outside, you need to follow these simple and easy steps!

Step 1- Identify Where The Smell Is Coming From 

Now this is a tricky part since in yards and gardens, there’s a lotta grass which makes the Cat Spray Marking harder to identify and pinpoint. But if you know which tree or plant your kitty usually hangs around in, then it might be easier for you to identify. Do a quick check and pinpoint the most likely location of the Cat Spray Marking and after that…

Step 2- Hose It Down!

Now this is fun! Simply take your Watering hose and spray down all the Cat Marking areas where you think the smell is coming from! Doing this will ensure that the area is properly cleaned and the liquids of the cat spray urine are diluted with water and absorbed by the soil. It is essential to do but unfortunately, now enough to completely stop the smell, it will get rid of 90% of it, but for the remaining stink, you have to…

Step 3- Vinegar!

After like 5-10 mins of hosing the Cat Spray Marking area down… Take the vinegar, be it apple cider vinegar or white one and simply pour it over the cat spray marking area, remember, this time you have to use vinegar only, no need to mix it up with soap or anything, simply just take the vinegar and pour it over the spray mark! The vinegar will neutralize the remaining stink causing bacteria and help you in getting rid of the smell permanently. Now what we wanna do is…

Step 4- Use Mulch or Sand…

Now this part is crucial and beneficial because it will help you in training your cat and getting rid of all the smell that might have remained in the area even after the watering and vinegar pouring. 

What you wanna do is take a bit of sand or mulch and put it on the marking area, this will lock in the remaining fumes of the cat spray mark and stop them from destroying the environment, what it will also do is that it will give a smell to your cat which will act as a peeing signal. 

Your cat will then pee on the same spot again and again since she will get the smell of her own marking from there. This will allow you to make a natural cat litter and stop the cat from spraying in any other place of your precious yard therefore saving you the constant trouble of finding and watering down the Cat Spray Marks again and again!

Following these simple steps, you will be able to get rid of all the cat spray markings and smells outside your home and keep your yard clean and beautiful! 

By now, you might be thinking that “Man! This cat spray issue is bigger than I thought!” And lemme tell you, that yes it is wayyy bigger than you might have initially thought because you know what, Cat Parents spend almost $30,652.67 EVERY YEAR on Expensive Cleaners, Floor Replacements and Carpet Cleaning because of this one issue of Cat Spraying and inappropriate peeing!

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Now, moving on, let’s talk about some common methods and some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while cleaning a Cat Spray Mark! 

How To Clean Cat Spray – Important Do’s & Don’ts 

So, we have talked about various steps and tricks of Cleaning Cat Spray and getting its dreaded smell off of Carpets, Walls and even Gardens & Yards, now let’s talk a bit about the various common methods used to Clean Cat Spray along with some serious Do’s and Don’ts! 

But before that, lemme tell you that the importance of Cleaning the Cat Spray Mark as quickly as possible is astronomical! If you are quick enough, then cleaning a cat spray mark will be as easy as putting butter on a piece of bread! It will be easier because the spray urine will still be liquid in nature and easy to clean off using a sponge or a disposable napkin, BUT if the cat spray mark has dried out, then you will have a tough time scrubbing it off of walls and furniture, it will come off eventually using the Vinegar Soap Water solution but it will cost you a lotta effort in all the scrubbing…

So, be quick in cleaning my dear Cat Parents and Furr Friends! Now let’s jump on to discuss the common Do’s and Don’ts about Cleaning Cat Spray Markings!

Cleaning Cat Spray Markings – The Do’s & Don’ts 

Do’s of Cleaning a Cat Spray Mark…

1. Be Quick

Speed is everything in these Cat Spray cases, if you can catch the cat spray mark while it’s still fresh, then you won 90% of the battle without even fighting! 

2 .Use Vinegar 

Using Vinegar be it Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar is always a good thing to do since it acts like a natural enzymatic cleaner and neutralizes most of the stink causing bacterias, Vinegar also helps you in getting rid of the stubborn stain mark.

3. Rinse

rinse with water if the cat spray is outside

In the cases of Cat Spray in the Garden, rinsing the marking with a normal watering hose is one of the best practices since it lets the Cat Spray liquids and bacterias to mix with the water and become dilute therefore relieving you of the ugly smells.

4. Mix Soap Water with Vinegar

It’s by far one of the most effective and easy ways of cleaning the Cat Spray Markings since it not only saves you time and money but is actually a pretty good alternative to expensive cleaners, it’s in fact better than the fancy cleaning liquids sometimes! Just mix equal amounts of vinegar with soap water and you are good to go!

5. Take Note Of Common Cat Spray Locations

Cats are likely to spray again and again in the same places and keeping a note of these places will help you in identifying the spray mark and the source of your dreaded smell quite easily

6. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great way of getting rid of Cat Spray markings from carpets and other kinds of clothing! The best part about it is that even if your cat comes in and starts to lick it off of the carpet or cloth then the baking soda is not going to harm her in any way, cats or any other household animal like a dog have no problem in digesting baking powder and it’s totally harmless to them! One more thing is that you can simply vacuum it up once it’s dried out and job done! It’s a cheap, easy and safe solution to all your Cat Spray problems related to carpets and clothing! 

7. Try To Understand Your Cat’s Body Language

Now this is very very important, if your cat is spraying frequently then she will have this distinct body language which will tell you exactly when she is feeling like spraying, it will help you in being proactive in your cleaning process. Also, if your cat is feeling threatened by something, then you can take a look at her and understand what she is scared of and therefore get rid of that thing to stop your cat from spraying as a threat response.

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Now these were all the do’s which you should do while cleaning Cat Spray Marks, now it’s time to discuss the common Don’ts which you should completely avoid in each and every cat spray cleaning case!

How To Clean Cat Spray- The Don’ts…

1. Don’t Use Bleach

Ammonia based Bleach cleaners might be one of the best cleaning liquids in the market but when it comes to cleaning cat sprays, it’s the worst thing you can do since its pungent smell only makes the smell of the Cat Spray urine even worse! Bleach will end up increasing the smell of the urine instead of cleaning it. And since bleach smells like cat urine too, your fluffball can mistake it as her own pee and urinate or Cat Spray again and again on the same spot

2. Don’t Use Lemon Juice 

While some say that using lemon juice on Cat Spray Markings on Walls and carpets is a good thing, WE STRICTLY ADVICE AGAINST IT because things like lemon juice can harm your kitty as it contains harmful enzymes which can be toxic for your cat.

3. Don’t Use Steam Cleaners

The Heat from the Steam based cleaning equipment can damage your Carpets, Furniture or clothing by setting the stain into your furniture, cloth or floor therefore making it way more harder to remove than it already is. 

4. Don’t Rub While You Blot

Rubbing while bolting is one of the biggest mistakes since rubbing will spread the cat spray urine even further and make it harder to remove, be gentle and gently blot the marked surface with a sponge or towel as mentioned in the above cleaning steps.

So these were all the do’s and don’ts about Cleaning the Cat Spray, keeping these key things in mind, you will be able to clean every kind of cat spray very easily! 

Now, let’s talk about the Reasons behind Why Does A Cat Spray…

Why Does A Cat Spray 

Well, now that’s a common curiosity of Cat Parents since nobody likes any kind of bad cat behavior and everyone is very keen on understanding the reasons behind them so that these issues can be avoided in the first place. You see, precautions are always better than cures and if you know the exact reasons behind such cat behavior issues like Cat Spraying, then you can prevent them and eventually train your cat to permanently stop them forever! 

So, fasten your seatbelts my dear paw pals because now, we are gonna understand every major reason behind cat sprays and give you the best way to stop them FOREVER for good! 

Here are the main reasons behind Why Does A Cat Spray…

1. Territory Marking

Since cats are feline animals, they too have this basic animal instinct of marking their territories to assert dominance over a piece of land. They basically do Cat Sprays because they wanna express their ownership over the territory and show other cats that they are the boss of this zone and everyone else should keep away. 

This kind of Cat Marking behavior shows the possessiveness of your kitty and also shows that she is feeling insecure of other animals and cats barging in on their land, so if you have more than one cat or if there are a lot of stray cats or animals present around your house, then this might be the reason why your cat is spraying and typically, you can find such Cat Spray marks near the entrances and exits of your home or around the favorite room of your cat. 

2. Claiming Ownership

Is your Squishy Fluffball spraying around the furniture or on toys and other household items which she loves? Ya well, she is claiming her ownership over that object and giving the message to other animals that might be in or around your house that this particular sofa or toy is ONLY HER’S and no one should even dare to touch it!

These kinds of Cat Markings too are more prone to happen if there’s more than one cat in your home or if a lot of stray animals keep running around your house.

This behavior too shows the possessiveness and insecurity of your kitty.

3. Sexual Appeal

Now this is more likely to happen with Female Cats since when they are feeling like breeding, they can be prone to send the message of sexual avaliablity to other cats in the form of spraying around the house in an attempt to send her hormone signals to other cats which might be in or around the house.

You can find these kinds of cat spray marks around the entrances and exits of your house and around the balcony and yard too, and if your cat is spraying outside the house, then this can be the main reason behind it. 

4. Threat Response 

If your cat is feeling threatened or scared of something, be it another animal or anything like the vacuum cleaner or the mixer grinder, then she is more likely to spray around the house randomly as a threat response. When cats are afraid of something, it triggers a Fight or Flight response within them and that response makes them prone to spray around the thing or person which they are scared of in order to drive them away or distract them while they can run away and hide.

If you find your cat spraying around and then quickly run towards a hiding spot be it under the sofa or on top of the shelves, then know that they are feeling scared of something and that’s why they sprayed.

Now, these were the main reasons behind cat spray and we understand that it might be difficult for normal folks to understand these body language symbols of our cats but you know what, they are necessary to understand these things especially if you wanna build a better and long term relationship with your cat and give her the best care that she deserves.

And for that reason, we recommend you to click on the video below to understand the basic body language symbols of cats and learn how to understand cat language so that you can communicate directly with your cat and better understand her! 

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Now, let’s move ahead and discuss the common questions that Cat Parents and our dear Furr Friends keep asking regarding this Cat Spray Problem!

Frequently Asked Questions of Cat Parents About Cat Sprays…

Why Did My Cat Spray Me?

Well, to be fair, you might be accidentally doing something that she doesn’t like and that might be scaring her… it’s a common issue that many times cat parents accidentally do something which makes their kitty very detached from them and result in a huge disconnect between the kitty and their owner. Remember that cats are very self centered and intelligent animals and don’t like anyone invading their privacy or doing things which is even slightly unpleasant to them. Doing such things might trigger issues like Cat Spraying on you as a threat response or even scratching or biting you! 

In order to prevent that, here are some common things that can make your miss squishy feel threatened…

1. Loud Noises 

Well this is something that especially scared our little furballs! They just hate sudden loud noises like that of a vacuum cleaner, a mixer grinder or of a sudden burst of fire crackers. They also don’t like to be yelled at and we know that there are many cat parents who yell at their cats when they make a mess like tearing up pillows or littering.. this should never happen since it induces fear in the mind of your baby and can trigger frequent cat sprays in your presence since they start feeling threatened by you. You might also notice the cat running away after hearing vacuum cleaner noises as well. Cats just hate loud sudden noises!

2. Being Stared At 

Ya this one is a definite no no! Cats assume staring as an aggressive dominant behavior and can take it as a challenge for a duel! You honestly don’t wanna indulge in a grand staring competition with your cat let alone go all WWE with her! This is something that makes a cat very very uneasy and threatened!

3. Tummy Rubs 

Unlike our dear ole Doggos, our little furrballs don’t really like tummy rubs! You see, Cats are very very intelligent and very cautious about themselves and they know that their tummy is a soft and vulnerable spot since a hit to the stomach hurts the internal organs directly, so the kitties are very very protective of that place and don’t like any kind of touch on or around that area. So please don’t try to tummy rub your floof and only rub the behind of their ears and under their chins! 

4. Strangers Petting Them 

Cats are EXTREMELY cautious about who touches them and they just don’t like strangers coming into your house let alone petting them! This can trigger their fight or flight response and make them aggressive and more prone to spraying around so please tell your guests to maintain a safe distance with your kitty! 

5. Being Cradled

Now we know that your cat is your baby but lemme tell you that being cradled is the last thing you should be doing! Cats are NOT DOGS and while puppies love to be cradled, kitties just hate it and they feel stressed when anyone does that. So please never do that, try to stick with cuddles only, cats love to cuddle with their owners so stick with that instead! 

Now there are numerous more things which your cat can be scared of and discussing all that is beyond the scope of this blog and that’s why we recommend you to watch this video below to learn Cat Language! It will allow you to understand everything that makes your cat feel threatened and teaches you tons of tips and tricks which can make your cat feel happy again and be attached to you in a lovely bond! This will also show you the top body language signs which kitties show in order to express their feelings to their owners! So, go ahead and watch the video below NOW! 

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Moving on to the next curiosity…

Why Does My Female Cat Spray? 

Well, we often get many Cat Parents asking questions like “Does A Female Cat Spray?” And lemme tell you that yes, female cats are no different, they spray as well and one of the Main reasons behind female cats spraying is their sexual needs. If your female cat is “in heat”, meaning that if she is going through her Life Cycle’s fertility period and is looking for a mate to breed with, then she is more likely to spray around the house especially near the entrances and exits of the house and around the yard because by spraying, she is spreading her sex hormones and wants other male cats who might be present in or around the house to notice them and know that she is open for breeding. 

Now this is more of a natural reason and one of the best ways to deal with this in particular is either to neuter her or to get her a mate and be ready for cute little kittens! We actually recommend breeding instead of neutering because not all cats are the same after being neutered and sometimes the neutering surgery might be more expensive and even risky to your kitty’s long term health and lifespan. 

So moving on, another reason behind Female Cats spraying is again, feeling threatened. She might be afraid of other cats in or around your house and in this case you need to keep a protective eye on her and give her more frequent treats. She might also be scared of something that you are accidentally doing, refer to the aforementioned points about top things that make cats feel threatened so that you may understand what might be the cause of fear in your fluffball.

And If you wanna know when your cat is feeling scared and threatened, then look for these signs….

Top Signs That Show Your Cat Is Feeling Scared…

1. Freezing In Place

If you notice that your cat has frozen up at one place and is just standing still like a statue, then it’s a sign that she is feeling scared and afraid! Cats do that when they are feeling immense fear from something sudden and unexpected like a loud noise

2. Running Away and Hiding

Sometimes, quickly running away from something or somebody is a sign of fear. What happens is that certain things trigger their fight or flight response and when that happens, you might notice your cat running away quickly and hiding either under something like a sofa or bed or on top of a higher place like on top of a cabinet or almirah. 

3. Scratching, Hissing, Spitting Or Biting

Many times when cats start to feel fear and threat from something or someone, it triggers their primary fight or flight response. When that happens, their mind either chooses to run away or chooses to fight the fear and in that case where your cat just woke up and chose VIOLENCE, I mean the fighting response, then you might notice her scratching, hissing, spitting or biting. These aggressive cat behaviors too are a sign of a scared kitty.

4. Tucking Her Tail Under Herself 

Now this is the biggest sign of cat fear since the action of trying to tuck her tail under herself shows that she wants to run away and hide and she is trying to conceal her tail to hide her presence in the area. This is one of the biggest signs that your cat is very very scared of something or someone and wants to go into hiding!

5. Widening The Eyes and Pupils

If you notice your cat widening her eyes along with her pupils making them look like ovals or circles, then know that she is afraid of something or someone and needs protection and care, she is doing that to show you that she needs care and safety. 

Now these were one of the main signs and body language signals which show that your cat is very very afraid. Although, there are way more body language signals which you need to learn in order to understand exactly when your cat is feeling happy, sad, threatened, bored or even excited!

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And as a final word and the answer to the question of Does A Female Cat Spray… we’re gonna say that yes they do but they are less likely to spray in comparison to male cats since they don’t really like to mark their territories as frequently as the male ones.

Moving on…

Can A Cat Spray After Being Fixed

Well the answer is YES, even a Neutered or Fixed Cat can spray around the house although, they are least likely to do so and their spray marking is actually pretty easier to clean since it’s less acidic and doesn’t have the same hormones in it as that of a normal cat. You will notice that the smell of a Neutered or Fixed Cat’s spray is not that pungent and its marking is fairly easy to clean!

Now, lemme tell you that the only reason why your neutered or fixed cat might be feeling scared is because of threat. Feeling scared is most likely the only reason why such cats are spraying and we have already discussed what makes cats scared and how do they react when they feel scared…

Now let’s discuss how to calm down a scared cat!

1. Give Her Space

When cats feel scared, they run into hiding and need their own time and personal space to feel secure again. Don’t panic and just let her take her time and if she likes to hide under something, maybe a Cat Den might help.

2. TREATOS!!! 

Now these are the best things in the world! Every cat loves her treatos and when you give it to them when they are feeling scared and afraid, then you are basically distracting their mind away from that which she is afraid of and this will help you build a better bond with her too! Just take a few treats and keep them near their hiding place and let them come out to eat them naturally! 

3. Musical Therapy

Immediately stopping every loud noise and playing something calm and soothing will help your cat to recover from her fear! Binaural Beats and slow music are said to be the best things to calm a cat down. Anything with a soothing rhythm and slow music will help you in calming your cat down easily. Just make sure to have patience and give her their personal space!

4. Let Her Come To You

Don’t force your cat to come out of hiding, instead do all those things which make her feel secure like playing music and giving treats and let her come to you naturally. Once she is out of her hiding spot, don’t force her to come to you and don’t try to pick her up either. Simply wait for her while sitting in a calm position and once she has come near you, gently pet her head and rub around her ears and under the chin so that she feels relaxed! 

So, these were the few tips that will help you in calming your scared cat down! Now these tips will not only help you in calming her down but will also help you in building a stronger relationship with her! And if you wanna learn more about such awesome tips and tricks of calming your kitty down and understanding everything that she is trying to tell you, then click the button below to check out our Definitive Cat Language Guide!

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