My Cat Is Acting Strange And Scared

Are you worried because your Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden and are desperately googling “Why Is My Cat Acting Scared!” In search of an answer and a surefire solution to make your cat calm?

If so, then RELAX my fellow Cat Parents! YOU are reading the Perfect Article! Because today, we are gonna discuss all about this issue of Cats Acting Scared and are gonna tell you exactly why it is happening and how to fix it!

We will give you every single piece of information that you need in order to properly understand the situation of your cat and help her in becoming calm once again! 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Why Is My Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden

Alright so, the Reason behind your Cat Acting Scared all of a sudden is because she is feeling very unsettled and insecure due to a tremendous amount of STRESS & ANXIETY! 

The thing is, Cats suffering from a wave of stress and anxiety are prone to behaving in a scared & frightened manner due to the sudden increase of cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone, in their bodies. 

This stress can be a direct result of many things like change in environment, strangers in the house, arrival of a new pet or even things like flea infestation or other kinds of medical problems.

Anything from a Medical illness to an accidental injury can make your cat feel weak and scared which will then prompt them to behave in such a weird manner which you are experiencing with your cat right now.

What you might also notice is your cat becoming more lethargic and even nervous when they are under stress.

Now, identifying exactly when your cat has started becoming stressed is extremely important since early detection of cat stress can enable you to calm them down before they become more anxious and destructive!

And in order to identify exactly when the cat is feeling stressed, you gotta pay attention to the Cat Language! The body language of a cat is the mirror to her soul, understanding it is extremely important for a cat parent since cats hide their feelings, but learning their body language signs allows you to know exactly what your cat’s needs, wants and desires are!

Click on this video below to learn Cat Language!

Now, let’s move on to discuss Signs of Cat Stress! 

Why Is My Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden?! Signs Of Cat Stress & Fear….

When your cat is under stress and is feeling scared, he/she will show a lot of signs which will help you know exactly when she is feeling in such a way.

These signs of cat stress tell you that your kitty is scared and is feeling unsettled and insecure of her surroundings. Your kitty is feeling like she isn’t valued anymore and has lost her dominant status in the territory. 

Due to all that, she is feeling extremely afraid and you need to do something to calm her down asap.

Now, these Signs of Cat Stress and Cat Fear are…

  1. Increased Hiding Behavior
  2. Freezing On One Spot
  3. Increased Lethargy
  4. Cat Spraying & Cat Marking
  5. Aggression
  6. Appetite Loss
  7. Pacing Around
  8. Excessive Drooling

If you are noticing all these or some of these early signs of Cat Fear and Cat Stress, then here you go, these are the signs of Cat Acting Scared. 

Now, let’s move on to discuss what are the Reasons behind Cat Stress and Cat Fear!

Why Is My Cat Acting Scared?

As stated before, your cat is acting scared due to an increase in her stress levels due to a number of different unpleasant things happening around her all at once making her feel insecure, uncomfortable and unsettled. 

Here is a list of major things which makes cats uncomfortable and stressed…

  1. Loud Noises
  2. Traveling
  3. Strangers in The House
  4. Arrival Of New Pets
  5. Stray Animals Infiltrating Their Territory
  6. Routine Changes
  7. Scolding
  8. Predatory Animals Like Snakes and Hawks In The Vicinity
  9. Being Alone In Wide Spaces 

All these things increase the Cortisol Levels in the cat’s body which directly result in making your cat stressed and scared since Cortisol is a Stress Hormone.

As soon as you start to see these signs, do something to soothe your cat by giving her some treats or by simply being with her and showing some love to her by rubbing her ears!

Now, let’s look at some other reasons behind your Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden…

Other Reasons Behind Your Cat Acting Scared

Beside all those common reasons behind your Cat Acting Scared, there are 5 more major reasons which are responsible for a lot of cases of Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden.

These 5 Major Reasons are-

  1. Age Changes In Cats
  2. illness
  3. Injury
  4. Separation Anxiety
  5. Cat Depression

Let’s take a look at all these 5 major factors one by one!

Aging of The Cat… Arrival Of Old Age

The old age of cats starts between the ages of 11-14 and when a cat starts to reach that stage of their feline lives, they start becoming very weak and sensitive to a lot of things which makes them vulnerable to Stress and Anxiety which can ultimately lead to them becoming more fearful and scared of their surrounding environment. 

Elderly Cats experience a decline in both their physical and cognitive functionality as their basic senses become weak as well. Old cats also become more susceptible to medical emergencies and often lose their appetite due to a lack of strength and the weakening of the ability of sensing both taste and smell of the food.

All this makes the cat very insecure, uncomfortable and unsettled which can lead to a rise of Cortisol Levels and make the cat fearful as well as stressed.

Cat Illness

Medical Conditions and Illnesses like Fever, Allergic Reactions, Indigestion, Diarrhea, etc. Make the kitties very uncomfortable and stressed which leads to them becoming very stressed and anxious.

In these cases, their stressed and sick behavior can resemble the behavioral pattern of a scared cat. 

Cat Injury

Both Internal and External Injuries can cause your cat to become stressed and scared about both their well being and their authoritative influence over their territory.

You see, Cats are experts in Hiding their pain and illness so that their bossy mean persona remains intact and they are able to maintain that dominant alpha status over their piece of land. This ensures that they have total control over their territory like a mob boss.

But because of this strange feline behavior, it becomes difficult for us cat parents to identify and know exactly when they are feeling any pain early on! 

As the injury pain increases, the kitties start becoming weak and start to show signs of cat fear and stress. 

Also, if you notice excessive self grooming and a sudden increase in aggressiveness of your cat, then that can be a sign of a Cat Injury.

Separation Anxiety In Cats

Even though cats have a world famous reputation of being mean loners, they do love their cat parents a lot even if they don’t show it that often. Because of all this, cats can get very anxious and stressed when their owners are separated from them for a long period of time. 

This Separation Anxiety In Cats will most likely happen after a major routine change of their owner like shifting from a day job to a night job or having to go out of station for a while leaving your cat behind.

When cats suffer from this separation anxiety, it’s common for them to behave scared and stressed while engaging themselves in aggressive and destructive behavior. 

Cat Depression

Now this is a very serious issue which is caused due to traumatic events like Death in Family, Loss Of A Companion Pet, Suffering from a Severe Injury or illness. 

When this happens, the cat becomes very scared of everything and she also starts showing these signs…

  1. Increased Aggression
  2. Becoming More Clingy Of Their Owners
  3. Increased Lethargy
  4. Change In Sleep Patterns
  5. Stop Of Self Grooming
  6. Cat Spraying & Cat Marking
  7. Destructive Behavior like Biting & Scratching

This cat depression can last for a long period of time and can be detrimental to your cat’s overall health. It needs to be treated properly on time! So, If you think that your kitty is suffering from cat depression then don’t waste any time and go straight to the vet for a proper medical consultation.

Now, let’s move on to discuss how to calm down a scared cat!

How To Calm Down A Scared Cat

Now, always remember that this behavior of your Cat Acting Scared All Of A Sudden is temporary. And your cat can take her own time in calming down.

If you have moved to a new place and there’s a change of environment, then don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time before your cat adjusts to the new location and starts acting normal again!

Now, a few things that you can do to calm down your Scared Cat are…

  1. Remove as many Stress Causing Elements as possible. Get rid of all the loud noises and stray animals from the vicinity

  2. Comfort your cat by giving her treats, new toys and a lot of ear rubs. Show that you care about her and love her!

  3. Play Soft Music to help your cat cope up with the stress hormones. Studies show that Cats respond very positively to Classical and Pop music and just love to listen to them. They calm cats down and increase the levels of Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphins and Serotonins in their body which are all happiness causing hormones! 

  4. Go for a Vet Consultation and Checkup. Seeking veterinary advice is always good, especially in the case of your Cat Acting Scared and Stressed. The vets will do a proper checkup and might prescribe some feline antidepressants and other pet Anxiety medicines.

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